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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


No I mean acting a bit odd more alien like not from earth I’d say the fifth doctor acted the most human of them all.


So… British?


I know it was just a wee joke :grinning:

I actually don’t find the oddness particularly Alien, but I think Troughton and McGann had the most ‘otherworldliness’ about them.


Really more so then Matt smith or Tom baker or McCoy.


We don’t tolerate this kind of racism on the board!


How about this rascism:

“Aye, dwi wedi meddwi’n chwil!”


Okay. We take it back and apologise. You’re not British.


Oh I’m most certainly British, the doubts are centred around the Anglo-Saxons. :wink:


Yeah, I think that while they are certainly ‘odd’ they show very human oddness… In fact I’d go as far as to say they show their love for humans and a kind of want to be one more than any others except for maybe Davison… Baker with his Jelly Babies… McCoy with his umbrella and a cuppa… Smith wearing a fez seems a ridiculously odd but British thing to do. Him and Davison could have a right quintessentially British off.


To address the question about who the most truly alien Doctor is, I would say maybe: Tom Baker or Eccleston. They just managed to work on a different type of logic.

Ultimately they were able to find the humanity in the character, so I am not sure how alien you could say they were.


Don’t forget pertwee he is the action Doctor he is all frills those magician type jackets.


Not having grown up with Doctor Who, Pertwee is the one who always seems not to sit right with the others. He is a bit too suave and a bit too together for me. And he is a bit of an authority figure.

To be honest, I haven’t watched a lot of the Third Doctor, so I could have the wrong impression of him.


When Pertwee starts he’s an absolute dick and the least human.


He is very arrogant. Too he was pretty rude to the Brigadier in the beginning too.


He is like I’m stuck on this planet with you Brigadier.


He was very angry cause he was exiled to earth.


By the Time Lords.


All of that plus they filmed a scene in a quarry! Drink!


I’m not sure that qualifies as, "the least human".


I dunno.

It was okay. Without Clara it’s just about an old guy fighting aliens.