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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


I watched the first three of Class, but never really got up to the next episodes. They are really good isolated, but sometimes they don’t make sense when you think of it as a spin-off.


I didn’t see the problem with it. I thought all the relationship stuff in the episode was handled fine, and in quite a matter-of-fact way. The connection between Bill and the Pilot was even quite touching by the end, which isn’t bad for a single episode. If it had been a heterosexual relationship I don’t think anyone would have batted an eye and wouldn’t have complained about being beaten over the head with it.


Yeah, I liked they way it was introduced too. It cold have been a lot more unsubtle too - I was sure an interaction along the lines of “Don’t think you’re getting anything out of this Doctor, I’m not into men, I’m a lesbian!” was going to be hammered home when the prospect of extra, off the clock tuition was mentioned to Bill at the start of the episode.


That was my thought too. Would you have noticed at all if the conversation was her talking about a boy she fancied? I don’t really think so.


Finally, the goons in metal Gear Solid are vindicated in their terror of cardboard boxes.

It just sits there, looks like it’s doing nothing… Then it eats your friend.


I now want the Luggage from Discworld to be the new companion.


And the story’s already written - it’s on the run from… the Black Luggage.


Were the photos of her mother taken by the Doctor as a result of her saying she didn’t have any or had the Doctor previously been a part of her mother’s life?

And I guess Nardole is more than just a head on a robotic body, given his biological waste needs.


I assumed the Doctor went back and took them rather than it being a “I’ve had my eye on it for a while” thing.


Yes, me too. She tells him she has no photos of her mother and he looks sympathetic, the photos taken by the Doctor are suddenly found, and when she goes back to his office she sees the TARDIS has moved.


She practically says that to her foster mother though, which was the bit I found unnecessary. The anecdote about chip girl was enough (and even that’s veering towards hand-holding a bit too much, as the interactions between Bill and Heather succinctly spell it out).


First half was dull, Bill is ok but she’s not quirky enough to carry all that intro, and while the Doctor IS that quirky he wasn’t all that interesting in the first half either.

The second half was miles better. Nardole was funny, the Doctor was very smart (and sharp, without being anywhere near as unpleasant as before) and Bill’s reactions were unpredictable.

Plus Daleks doing what Daleks do best, even if these ones sometimes seem to have been to Stormtrooper aiming classes…

The girlfriend that almost was worked fine, emotional without being cloying.

Still a shame about the first 20 minutes.


There was a line in the Christmas special about The Doctor getting him his body back or a new body or something.


But those mechanical noises at the beginning did suggest he had a mechanical body to some degree, didn’t they?

Maybe the mystery of Nardole’s body is the series arc after all.


And the “I’d leave that for a minute” reference to the toilet would lead us to believe that he’s just had a massive sh*t in it.


Yeah I think we worked that one out Scott. :smile:



I really enjoyed that. Laughed a lot when Bill got into the TARDIS for the first time, I agree that the stuff about her sexuality at the start was a touch heavy-handed, but everything between her and Heather/The Pilot was pitch-perfect.


Hey guys who would you say are the top 3 most alien doctors personality wise or 4 I say Peter Capaldi Tom baker Sylvester McCoy Matt Smith.


Hmmmm, by alien do you mean British? :grinning: