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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


I have liked it on your behalf…

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I really enjoyed that opener, which only emphasises that its a shame this is Capaldi’s last series as he seems far more settled in the role.


I completely forgot this was on. I’ll cue it up on the iplayer in a bit.


The actual episode plot wasn’t great, but I liked Bill, and I’m interested in whatever arc they’re setting up with the university.

On another note:


Agreed, that was pretty good. I’m ecstatic that Missy and the Master are coming back!


That will still have to go some way to win me over.

I’m happy with what they’ve got in place for now:

No Clara
No Danny fuckin’ Pink


Also, that article is annoying because that video calls the Doctor “Doctor Who”. Just kidding, but that’s kind of a pet peeve on my part.


Anyways, I really miss the timefuck episodes where stuff like time loops and paradoxes are explored. I loved the seasons of Matt Smith, because of the amazing arc with the Cracks and the Silence.


I enjoyed it as a refresher for the show - sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the basics and given a new start. I warmed to Bill and thought the dynamic between her, Nardole and the Doctor was fun.

It’s interesting to see the stuff about the mysterious vault - there had been some spoilery rumours about such a plotline a while back, so it will be interesting to see whether it plays out as those suggested or whether it’s something else entirely.


I am still very much missing the impossible girl. Much like Tim, I presume?
Bill was okay though. I guess we’ll see how she develops. The joke about the TARDIS being able to travel anywhere in the university was probably my favourite line in the whole thing. Good joke.


Overall I liked that.

The good:
The Doctor “retiring” for life as an Oxbridge (ish) Don. Shades of Shada.
Nardole is still fun.
I liked Bill, mostly.

The less good:
Evil step foster mother.
Setting out Bill’s sexuality with all the subtly of a brick early on.
The vault - I’m not desperate for another underwhelming series long mystery
So so so much orange and teal grading. It made pretty much every place, from the Uni to the Australian toilets to the Dalek/Movellan spaceship feel the same.


I just finished watching it. I liked Capaldi as a teacher. It explains the age difference between him and Bill. I thought the climax was simple and nice. . BBC America is showing Class after DW. the premiere was interesting. The adult is awful and there is so much that is strange and awkward about the kids. I liked the memorial plaque listing Danny and Clara’s name. I’ll give it a couple more episodes


It was a simple enough story with the main aim being to introduce Bill who I liked a lot. Some nice dialogue in there and I liked the ‘bigger on the inside’ moment.


It’s interesting to see Moffett make a villain out of pretty much anything. Statues? Yup. Snowmen? No problem. Cracks in the wall? Terrifying. Puddle of water? Scary screaming monster.

I expect this seasons main villain to be a cardboard box.


The original doctor who already did that. :yum:


Following in a fine tradition …

I enjoyed that. If that sets the tone for this series I’ll be quite happy.


Also: don’t blink, don’t breathe, don’t sleep, just don’t do anything, ok?


I really enjoyed that. Monster? Yep. Character intro? Yep. Mystery set up? Yep (though I’m sure, as always, they’ll make a mess of the season long arc they insist on always having). The only thing that made me roll my eyes was the use of Clara’s theme. Hopefully this’ll be the only but of moping the Doctor does over her.


Yes, I also found that a bit much. But I suppose it did at least offer that extra little bit of motivation the Doctor needed to keep Bill on as a companion and not wipe her memories.