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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Yes. Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to?


Me too.


Broadly. UNIT is called in to the supervise an advanced scientific program which is inexplicably running in early 70s Britain; the Doctor uses it as an opportunity to try and fix his TARDIS; shit goes down; someone pulls rank on the Brigadier, causing him to call London/Geneva in a huff; there are lots of gratuitous action scenes on location and over-amibitious CSO in the studio; the whole thing runs at least two episodes too many and it all pretty much gets done again in a year or two in a carbon copy story, only with the Master lobbed in.

The glory days!

(I did really like Liz though).


I will ask everyone to calm down and respectful of @Lorcan_Nagle’s religious beliefs. :wink:


At best, that describes Doctor Who and the Silurians and the first episode of Inferno.


Locan is free to believe whatever he wants. That doesn’t mean he won’t be mocked for it.


That’s it, holy war time!


There are a couple of repeated themes at the start of the Pertwee run, which I watched not long back, but overall I really enjoyed it. Some of the serials are too long and have forced cliffhangers extending them of escaping and being captured again but that’s a lot to do with the format and carries on way into the Tom Baker run.

The modern version format escapes most of that.

I’m really looking forward to the new series. Is it okay to be a Doctor Who fan and also enjoy watching it? :smile:


I think so. I certainly do! But then I think I’ve enjoyed Moffat’s time on the show more than many posters here.


I don’t know. I’m not sure anyone’s ever tried it.


A little clip from the opener.

Seems like they have quite good chemistry. Some fun little touches too, like the photo, and the jar of sonic screwdrivers. :slight_smile:

Oh, and that pavement painting at the end was this:


I like it too.

When I read people getting so uptight about it, I wonder whether I just don’t care enough.

I watched the Christmas Special and grinned from ear to ear for a solid hour. So yeah, it is one of my favourite things on TV.


I like Doctor Who. In fact I’m off to go and enjoy Kinda episode 2 in mere moments.


I popped down to the South Bank to see it.


I do really care, this has been my favourite show on TV since I was like 5 years old and Tom Baker was The Doctor and I cut out a Tardis from the back of my Weetabix packet.

I think it’s more I just may care about different things. :smile:

One big one with sci-fi shows is I really don’t care about hard sci-fi, which I think a lot of viewers want but the show has never been about, a few scattered episodes as exceptions. I’ve watched every single minute since 1970 and it’s 95% fantasy nonsense that contradicts all its own rules continuously. That’s fine with me, the appeal is the variety, it can do anything and everything and that always keeps it fresh.


Yay, glory days :slight_smile:


I’m just quoting this so I can like it a second time.


Bugger, can’t like my own post :frowning:


A disclaimer: joking aside, that Pertwee era is one of my favourites, as I caught up with a lot of them on repeats as a kid. He was probably my second-favourite Doctor back then (after McCoy, who was My Doctor). The Sea Devils was a favourite.


You make it sound even better than I remember :thumbsup: :slight_smile: