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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


It would be nice if, even if it’s true, it’s all just misdirection for what the spoiler is.

Also, if the spoiler happens to be who the new Doctor is that would be an awesome move as it would be so hard to keep quiet for the next three months. It is clear from trailers they’ve filmed a regeneration scene.

Has anyone any thoughts on what it would be like if the Doctor regenerated mid-season? Would that be a good or bad thing?


I’m sure most will be a disappointment after the main spoiler.


I suspect that regeneration scene in the trailer is a red herring. We’ve seen plenty of regeneration energy flying around over the years without it leading to an actual regeneration.


Best idea ever. Seriously wrong foot fans. Make it so you can’t not watch in case you miss something


I have to say, I think I would enjoy it, too.


In fact, imagine the timey-wimey business you could get up to with two Doctors in one season with a regeneration in the middle. He could meet himself two episodes before it and we wouldn’t know, just have the actor play a different character (but it’s actually the nest Doctor in disguise!) then see it from the next Doctor’s perspective four episodes later!!

It would be a perfect way to disguise the changeover and hide the new actors identity yet still have him there for filming and promotion playing a different character!!!


You have described exactly how I was planning to do a regeneration when I become Doctor Who showrunner… Thanks a bunch Parker :angry:



Cause if so I’ll delete that right now!

Edit: Cause as much as you may never become showrunner or me produce a Who movie, I’m holding onto my Who movie ideas with a lead box around my brain til the day I die!


That explains why your head is box shaped!


That’s the great thing about ideas. There are loads and loads of them.


No no, I grew up in a boxing family :wink:


Is December 26 your favorite day of the year?


Very true. However, if this ever happens on Who, we now both have grounds to speak to whoever signs the cheques at the top. Albeit through some sort of solicitor’s letter. Which I’m sure they’ll ignore as parallel thinking.


For us, it’s the only day of the year!!


Sigh. My friend spoiled the spoiler thing for me now. Greeeeeat.
Time to play clicky on the spoilers up top now.


Afraid you’ve already been beaten to it (sort of) … there’s a Virgin Missing Adventures/New Adventures crossover book, Cold Fusion by Lance Parkin, where the Fifth Doctor and companions cross paths with a slightly odd little man and his two associates.

It’s written very much as a Fifth Doctor story where you realise the Seventh Doctor is pulling the strings of just about everything that’s happening (as he was wont to do)

The entire universe is at stake and I’m locked in here with another incarnation of myself, and not even one of the good ones!


The return of John Simm as the Master was confirmed by the BBC News website and the Dr Who Facebook page. Apparently it’ll be a timely-wimey reason rather than regenerating to an old face and have him featuring alongside Michelle Gomez.


I’ve never read that, I’ll have to hunt it down it sounds right up my street!!

Edit: Love that quote by the way.


Pick me! Pick me! I’ve got a draft Dalek versus K9 epic battle on a hidden timeship going backwards through the timestream with two Doctors and a secret cargo (a Gallifreyan) script from 2008 when I wrote my first screenplay (for practice purposes) :nerd_face:


I really liked it at the time, but it’s very much a Seventh Doctor at the end of his life (and the Virgin NA run), so how it would sit outwith the context of the New Adventures run I’m not sure?

(and he’s set in contrast to a Fifth Doctor right at the beginning of his life, still recovering from his regeneration a few days earlier)

It’s also one of the Virgin books that tried to delve into the backstory of who the Doctor actually is, and his ties to Ancient Gallifrey. Despite that, it wasn’t too dense and there’s a fairly fun straightforward story in there too.