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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing S11E06 Demons of the Punjab


Love love love that scene


I know you’re trying not to incriminate yourself by avoiding Moll Flanders.


Also, she was great in Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth, which is all properly actorly and everything.


Agreed on the scene, to be fair though he’s only 5 years older than Kingston.


The Doctor should look like a creepy grandpa.

Or grandma. I’m pretty progressive about these things :slight_smile:


As I get older I find it amazing to see how aging impacts people differently. Makes you wonder what they’re doing different or if the whole thing is a genetic lottery.


It’s probably a mix of both. Maybe with a bit of ‘Just for Men’ Capaldi could take off that 5 years.

As mentioned before the one that always cracks me up is Mr Bronson (Michael Sheard) in Pyramids of Mars, he was 37. He could just as easily be 65.


That’s one of my favourite Doctor Who stories, but it hasn’t aged well.

Appropriately enough…


I was born on the Monday after the first episode.


You should use “Sutekh” as your middle name from now on.


Well… I do have to get a new Irish Passport soon…


But then he’s have to change his first name to Neil…


It would have left a lot of people asking where she was in The Wedding of River Song and The Husbands of River Song.


But they wouldn’t ask that about The Wedding of Captain Jack and the Husbands of Captain Jack. So I don’t see the problem :confused:


I’m pretty these are stories you can download from the internet.


but those episodes never happened.


In David’s mind they did. This is what listening to too much prog rock does to a person.


The problem with River song is that the character got completely out of control. She became too many things — The Doctor’s wife! The Doctor’s killer! Amy and Rory’s daughter! And she regenerates, too! — and it took an interesting and simple concept, a mysterious person from the Doctor’s future, and drove it into the fucking ground.

Agree about Alex Kingston, though. I was a fan of hers before she was even on Doctor Who.


Yeah, true. I ignore those bits, and enjoy the good bits, cos they are very good. Which, it turns out, how I’ve always watched Dr Who. Night of the Doctor is totally amazing, no matter that the TV Movie is totes meh.


Has Moffat ever said what he intended River’s story to be when he wrote Silence in the Library?

I’m very prepared to believe he always intended her to be the Doctor’s wife/partner, but would be interested to know when the rest got added in. (Did he know Amy would be River’s mother when he wrote her first episode?)