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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing S11E06 Demons of the Punjab


This is fun - a feature from Doctor Who Magazine in 1999, interviewing some TV talent about how they would bring back the show.

Including some guys called Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Gareth Roberts…

The last two quotes are just great. :smile:


I think this is newly-revealed information:


A couple of new promotional pics too:





Russell T Davies doesn’t seem to undersand what Babylon 5 was, based on his comment on page 4.


I think my favourite bit is Moffat saying “I’d chuck out all the continuity … I don’t care where the Doctor came from” :laughing:


And RTD saying you definitely wouldn’t put a 50-minute single-camera Doctor Who on during Saturday teatime. :slight_smile:


But even apart from the benefit-of-hindsight chuckles, that was a great article. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:


And it’s still weird, that of all the “TV people” they spoke to, Lance Parkin (who arguably had the better output during the novel days) still hasn’t worked on the show.


You can see a lot of things in that article that paid off later. RTD wanting to ground his series in “a very real world of pubs and mortgages” is clearly where Rose came from, and Ecclestone for that matter. Lots of planets have a “north!”


And he went very low-key on the continuity at the start as well.


Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker set for World Cup debut -


Good to have that confirmed - it’s been rumoured there would be an ad during the World Cup for a while, but this is the first official announcement.

Here’s the briefest of teases:


“The universe is calling” and it’s reversed the charges.



Well, that was a bit underwhelming.




Looks like the Doctor’s tapping into the Speed Force.


Yeah I don’t get what that was about.

I’m still looking forward to the show.


Guys, come on, it’s not that hard to get. All that food reappearing. “The universe is calling”. The Doctor is taking up a job with Deliveroo. Your food delivered five minutes before you ordered it or your money back.


Clearly the Pizza is secretly the Rani/Susan/the Valeyard/Omega in disguise.