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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing S11E06 Demons of the Punjab


That reminds me of Bear Whatsisface on BSG, I’ll be happy with that.



Man I’ve been counting wrong all these years.


What a comment to make on the twenty-warth of June.


What do you expect from the American education system? War had to be cut from the curriculum due to lack of funding.


I bet Edwin Starr was unimpressed.


War always gets funding.


Since they’ve stuck two unnumbered Doctors (The War Doctor and 10.2, not to mention the Meta-Crisis Doctor) it does get a bit confusing.


I thought the meta-crisis Dr was 10.2 ??


We’re doing decimals now? Damn.


Then it’s 10.5 really.


No, no, that’s a conversion of 10/2, not 10.2


Didn’t Tennant’s Doctor regenerate back into himself (which healed his body and would make him, effectively, 10.2) and then dispersed the regeneration energy into the severed hand, which grew into a second Doctor?

I’m not really clear on what happened, but it did use up one of the twelve.

I’ve always thought that the Meta-Crisis Doctor either became the Valeyard (between his twelfth and final regeneration) or grew old and became Peter Cushing.


Steven Moffat has some fun explaining Cushing in the Day Of The Doctor novelisation.


Nice Rogue One explanation too.


Yeah, I reposted that from when I mentioned it in the Star Wars thread. :slight_smile:






This is doing the rounds:

But it seems to be a bit of a clickbait-y story that plays down his compliments about Matt Smith in favour of complaints about the crew.

It also seems to be a little at odds with a previous interview, so who knows?


Also, this is a nice promo.