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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing S11E06 Demons of the Punjab


It didn’t stop Colin Baker or Peter Capaldi


And Richard E Grant went the other way.


Not really a spoiler as it sounds like it’s only going to be a tiny cameo:


I just heard that today marks 13 years since ‘Rose’, the first episode of the rebooted series, was broadcast. It’s kind of crept up on me that the modern iteration of the show has been around for so long now.


The long-awaited Series 9 soundtrack release is finally coming at the end of April:

I don’t habitually pick up the DW soundtrack releases, but the third disc of this is the entire score to Heaven Sent and, well…


Apologies if these have been brought up here beforehand, but has anyone seen these Dr Who/ Mr Men mashups?


Yes, I bought Doctor Eleventh for my daughter and we quite enjoyed it (he’s her favourite Doctor).

There’s also a nice video of Michelle Gomez reading Doctor Twelfth:

Haven’t checked out any of the other ones yet though.


Cool. I picked up the two Dr Tenth books (the kids love them but I haven’t read either yet). I want the whole set though. They look great.

I was completely unaware they existed, and just saw them when I went into Waterstones a few weeks ago. It’s a lovely idea, although suspect the audience may skew older than other Mr Men books.


I really hope there’s a Doctor War one.


I think that was this one:



I think they’re firmly in that same market as the adult Mr Men and Little Miss books (like Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating) and those adult Ladybird books (The Ladybird Book Of Hipsters etc).


Not quite I’d say as after having seen the reading of that one I’d happily give it to my 6 year old to read, it was a lot of fun for kids. I’ll look for them in the bookshop next time.

Obviously there’s a big appeal for adult Who fans but those others tend to play on presenting adult content in the context of a kiddies storybook.


Yep, I agree. As I said I read one with my daughter last year when she was six and she enjoyed it a lot (and liked seeing the Mr Men-ised versions of the characters, including quite a few baddies).

It’s definitely done in a knowing way that appeals to adults too, but unlike those other examples mentioned the stories work perfectly well on a kids’ level alone.


I got Dr. First and Dr. Second for Christmas. They’re good fun. I wouldn’t buy them for myself, but wouldn’t mind if I got the rest* as presents next year :slight_smile:

. * I mean 3-7, obviously. I’m not sure what made-up numbers the rest of you are talking about :expressionless:


Nurse, @davidm’s gone octal again!


RTD having a bit of fun here.



The only bit I don’t buy is the Doctor using a sword.

It’s interesting to speculate on whether a Time Lord would regenerate into a body that needed a wheelchair, though. I guess there’s no reason why they couldn’t, but wouldn’t you assume that an advanced, almost-immortal, and completely obsessed-with-their-own-superiority society would have eliminated any genetic traits that might make it necessary?


If they got paralyzed after they had regenerated.


Good point, I hadn’t thought of that :blush:


The only bit I don’t buy is The Doctor using a sword

You mean like in The Sea Devils?