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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing S11E06 Demons of the Punjab


Which incarnations of The Doctor do you think acted the most alien and which ones acted the most human?


I think the fourth, seventh, sixth and eleventh doctors acted the most alien while the fifth and tenth doctors acted most human.


The Doctor as an alien is something that pops up now and then, it’s less than consistant though.

It does the show good to remind the audience occasionally. I did like the way they used it with Ecclestone, as the Doctor still most damaged by The Time War. It gave some of his decisions and interesting twist.

When he takes Rose back to see her father, it’s written that, since he’s not human, he doesn’t understand how emotional that will be for her.


Random tweet that I liked…



On my second viewing of “Day of the Doctor,” it occurred to me how easily Eccleston’s Doctor could have replaced Hurt’s Doctor.


I assume it’s the other way around? The War Doctor was created by Moffat because Ecclestone decided not to play the character again and Moffat wanted to explore the Time War.


Yeah, that’s what I meant, that the story could have been written with Nine in mind, and very little needed to be changed to slip the newly created War Doctor in. Especially the stuff with Rose, which would have had more resonance with the audience (if not Nine, who hadn’t actually met her yet).




Will she be using a crossbow a lot?


Sonic Crossbow


I don’t dislike that. It’s not what I associate with the series but it is stylish and nice.


It looks like the logos for all those shows the Beeb kept trying to make to fill Who’s timeslot between series (Atlantis, Merlin, Robin Hood).


I reckon it will make more sense when animated



I think it looks good, not amazing, but there’s nothing bad there.

Genuinely care about the stories, but the graphics and music are professional and will do the job just fine.


Some hints as to the ethos that will underpin Chibnall’s version of the show:


After Guardians and the fast and the furious I would like to smash people in the face with a shovel who bang on about family.
I’m pretty done with it.


Trouble at home?


Na, just a trope I’m sick to the back teeth of…