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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing S11E02 The Ghost Monument


No Remembrance? No thanks!


OK, we’re in a bit of a lull for ĐOCTOR W卄ϴ news at the moment, so I thought it might be fun to pick some of our favourite moments from the show, both the rebooted version and the classic series.

Here are some of mine.

This scene always makes me well-up, and is one of those moments that manages to have that effect despite being transparently designed as a tear-jerker:

And this is just one of the most thrilling sequences of the show ever, which capped off a fantastic episode.

I’ll also offer up these from Matt Smith’s first and last full episodes. The first is one we’ve discussed here several times, but which was just a perfect way of making you buy him as the Doctor and making you feel like you were in safe hands with Moffat.

And the second is maybe my favourite regeneration of all, the best attempt the show made of allowing the actor to comment on their era.

This video is my enduring memory of the show as a kid, terrifying and exciting and one of the best arguments I have in favour of the show using cliffhangers.

And this is my argument in defence of the “wobbly sets” and naff monsters that dogged the series in the public imagination for years. I loved this story and found the villain genuinely scary. Yes, really!

Two moments from Day of the Doctor to top things off. First up, this fun sequence that never fails to make us chuckle when we rewatch it.

And finally this, which is about as blatant a piece of fan-service as you’ll ever get, but which is great regardless, and a wonderful climax to the episode.

What are yours?


Richard Curtis pulls it off every time for me, I know how manipulative he’s being and for all my best instincts it always works. I’ve welled up over that a dozen times. I’d love him to do another episode.


It would be great. He knows how to structure a story, how to combine laughs with pathos, how to deal with big ideas but keep that human element. He’s a great fit for the show.


I would search for Youtube links but I can’t check the audio at work, I could find the scenes but they might be in Portuguese for all I know.

Pretty much the whole of ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, such a very Dr Who idea.

Eccestone and the imprisoned Dalek.

And Ecclestone’s regeneration. Very moving stuff.


Great choices. That’s my favourite moment from the Ecclestone series.


The Van Gogh episode is one of the few that I felt didn’t need a monster of the week. I thought it would have been just as good without it. Also loved the introduction of the eleventh Doctor, it was and still is one of my favorite moments from the show.


I can see that point of view, but the invisible-sadness-monster actually works as a very good metaphor for depression and mental illness, and it’s been useful in conversations with my daughter about that episode to have a tangible ‘enemy’ that makes those abstract concepts a bit more concrete.


This isn’t one of my favorites but as someone who grew up watching Tom Baker I will admit to tearing up whenever I watch it.


Just to make everyone feel old for a moment, this week marks the tenth anniversary of the first appearance of River Song, in Silence in the Library.

Definitely one of the better DW stories of the modern era.


Very re-watchable too. Though the ‘kid’ world bits are… dated at best.


Class has just shown up on Netflix. Worth a watch?


Barely. It’s generally forgettable and ends on a really interesting reveal/cliffhanger that will never get followed up on.

Class : Buffy :: Torchwood : X-Files

It really gave me a strong Torchwood vibe, where it’s trying to be an edgier Doctor Who without The Doctor (even though The Doctor actually guest stars in the pilot.)


I’ve no link to post but I’m sure I read somewhere that it was going to live on as a Big Finish audio drama.

Edit: here we go


Weirdly, they’re just stories set within the first series, rather than a continuation.


I liked it. It’s not brilliant or anything but nips along at a great pace. It’s Doctor Who as horror.


This is good news for UK fans: from today, apparently every episode of the rebooted series is now available on the iPlayer.


The season series 12 Blu-Ray set is out in a couple of weeks. Here’s a preview of the new (optional) special effects for Revenge of the Cybermen.


That’s not bad actually. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to retaining original effects for stuff like this, but those new effects are decent and feel like they fit well, and the fact that they’re optional means they’re not overwriting the originals.


They’ve removed the chocolate log of doom!