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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing S11E02 The Ghost Monument


Over here in the States, my local PBS station (which, in the 70s and 80s was the dumping ground for BBC programming – I, Claudius, Masterpiece Theater, Monty Python, etc.) would run the individual serials daily Monday through Friday, and then show a feature-length movie made by cutting a full serial together on Sunday nights.


This is a funny one outside the US as it was just a title they attached to whatever dramas PBS deemed worthy of it that week. I have been asked by American colleagues if we watched a particular MT in the UK and although I was aware what it was through conversations here and there, in truth nobody much else knows what it means.


Over here, Sherlock is called on PBS Masterpiece Mystery:Sherlock. There is a few minute prologue by Alan Cumming before they start the episode of Sherlock


So you guys never got the amazing Edward Gorey intro?

When I was a kid it was Diana Riggs who did the prologue.


Dame Diana Rigg.

Show some respect! :smile:


What does he say?



Was she already a dame in the 80s?


No, but she was always called Rigg. :wink:


I remember Alistair Cooke from my childhood:


To be fair to Rory, she was also always a lethal weapon.

(Rigg… Riggs… get it? Oh, never mind…)


Goddamn it, I was coming back to make the same kind of joke. It just took me too long to look up how to spell Murtaugh.


I’ll be honest, as much as I really admire Cooke, Rigg and Cummings, I am glad I could just watch TV shows without that guff at the start.


Wow, this Big Finish one sounds like it’ll be great:

Over the course of four audio series made in arrangement with BBC Studios, River Song (played masterfully by Alex Kingston) has shone alongside several incarnations of the Doctor, including Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison and upcoming in August, Tom Baker. But all that is set to change…

In January 2019, River Song will face off against four regenerations of The Master, the mortal enemy of the Doctor, in the fifth series of adventures. And some old (and new) faces are returning…

Alongside Geoffrey Beevers (first playing the Master in Doctor Who TV episode The Keeper of Traken in 1981) and Derek Jacobi (who played the Master in 2008 episode Utopia and continues at Big Finish), Michelle Gomez returns as Missy, who we last saw in the latest Doctor Who series opposite Peter Capaldi.

Plus Eric Roberts, who first crossed paths with Paul McGann’s Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, returns to battle the Doctor’s wife.

Mark your diaries, four new adventures for River Song begin in January 2019…

The Bekdel Test by Jonathan Morris
Animal Instinct by Roy Gill
The Lifeboat and the Deathboat by Eddie Robson
Concealed Weapon by Scott Handcock

David Richardson, producer, tells all, “It’s a medley of Masters! In previous box sets River has been travelling back through the Doctor’s incarnations. This time around she is meeting some of the Masters – and we have some amazing firsts in this box set! Yes, it’s the first time Eric Roberts has returned to the role since the TV movie in 1996, and the first appearance of Michelle Gomez as Missy in a Big Finish production. With Derek Jacobi as the War Master and Geoffrey Beevers as the decayed Master, it’s an unmissable line-up!”

Nicholas Briggs, executive producer, “This is something we’ve been so incredibly excited about for so long. It’s been thrilling enough for us to work with Alex for all the River releases, but to put her against the Doctor’s former best friend turned arch enemy is not a little mind-blowing. Fantastic that we’re getting an opportunity to work with Michelle again, after her first appearance (at Big Finish) with Sylvester McCoy back in 2007! But somehow strangely incredible that Eric Roberts is back from the 1996 TV movie. It’s frankly ‘clash of the icons’ in a really mind-blowing box set.”

Jason Haigh-Ellery, executive producer, talks more about bringing these great actors to audio, “Working with Eric was a complete joy. Firstly, he is such a nice man and so easy to communicate with. Secondly, he likes to work and he likes to work fast. Scenes whizz by and we are all enjoying yourselves so much that you forget you are directing an Oscar nominee with over 450 movies under his belt (which should be intimidating – but isn’t). He’s very down to earth – no ego or vanity involved. I hope we work together again soon!

“Having Michelle Gomez return to Big Finish is wonderful – a lovely lady, who was magnificent as Missy in the past couple of seasons of Doctor Who. I can’t wait for everyone to hear her and Alex Kingston together!”

The Diary of River Song: Series 5 is available for pre-order now at £23 on CD or £20 on download.

Of course, I’ll bag anything that has Jacobi’s War Master in it!


Getting Eric Roberts is a surprise. I wonder if they’ll get him enough to put in appearances opposite all the usual suspects?

Using Missy suggests that their license might have been extended again to the end of the Moffat era (went up to the 50th last time it got extended).


How did they have River appear with the 4th-8th Doctors?

In her first (and last?) appearance in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, Ten didn’t recognize her and she said she had never been that far back in his timeline.


The quick answer is “by a variety of means”!


I might be wrong, but I think that chronologically her appearance in The Name Of The Doctor was meant to be after those.


Yeah, she was a data ghost in those.

I think being bothered by River meeting other iterations of the Doctor is the kind of thing BF are hoping will be outweighed by the novelty factor of it all.


In The Husbands Of River Song she had that flip-wallet of photos of all the previous Doctors, which I thought was meant to imply she’d met them all before at some point (other than Twelve). But how you reconcile that with her other appearances, I don’t know.

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, bolloxy-wolloxy etc.