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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing S11E02 The Ghost Monument


Yes but that was a long time ago, the rebooted Doctor Who would never feature the Doctor fighting with a sword.



From the 70’s to be precise. I wonder why I picked that example to use towards @davidm ?


And that’s not even all of the instances.


Bah :angry:


Couple of things about Clive…

In my “head canon” the reason Nine is present at Krakatoa, the Kennedy assassination, and on the Titanic is because he’s repairing damage done during the Time War.

Also, it’s sort of odd that he only finds Nine and not any others. Again, I can write this off as due to the Time War.

Also, if Clive had found evidence of other Doctors, then there’s no reason for him to assume they would be the same person. He’d more likely think it was some kind of secret society.


He doesn’t assume it’s the same person. He assumes it’s a title passed down from father to son.


There’s a new, small 'con taking place in the nearby mountains (figure a thousand feet up from me) in Estes Park. Among the guests are the guy who designed the Daleks.


Yeah, although that’s to account for him appearing across history, rather than having different appearances, isn’t it? Although he does say “that’s your one”, implying he’s narrowed it down from different descriptions.


It’s not really at all. We’re familiar with regeneration but otherwise it’s a crazy idea. You’d look for people with the same face.


Raymond Cusick died in 2013.

That con does have the fella who played Davros a bit, and also Mike the milk man from the Archers.
(A cross over existed, but only enacted in a small flat in Aberystwyth)


I know little if anything; please correct and amend me on all things Whovian.


When I was about 12 I pretty much didn’t leave my room for a few years and just read books about doctor who. I’m surprised about what I know sometimes.
If only my parents had bought me a book on quantum physics.


and daughter. Of various races.


I was referring to the original episode. He literally says he thinks ‘The Doctor’ is a title passed from father to son.



This is not official, but I like it.


Yeah that’s really good. Not crazy about the music but the logo is a neat design too.


It’s possible they could use parts of it, the last title sequence was taken from a fan effort on Youtube.


Yep, this was the original fan effort that had some of its ideas used for Capaldi’s intro.