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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


I think that depends on how much you’ve had to drink?


It can be two things?

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Wibbly-wobbly, timey-winey


We started revisiting Series 6 today (the second Matt Smith series, the one with the astronaut ‘killing’ the future-Doctor in the first episode) and ended up getting four episodes in by the end of the day.

It’s better than I remembered - I think it’s easy to get hung up on all of the teases and theories about the series arcs when you first watch them go out, but going back to them with the full knowledge of how it all plays out means you tend to ignore most of that stuff and focus on all the fun little details of story and characterisation and humour, which Moffat has always been great at. And in those terms there’s lots of really enjoyable stuff here.

It helps that Smith is so naturally charismatic that he can carry every scene, too. Moffat got lucky with his Doctors - both Smith and Capaldi had something about them that made them compelling to watch in their own right, in a way that hasn’t clicked (yet?) for Whittaker.

Anyway, we finished tonight on The Doctor’s Wife, which is still brilliant and charming all these years later. It packs a lot in but never feels rushed or overly dense, and there are so many great little lines in it.


I suspect he’d contend that wasn’t luck :wink:


I suspect you might be right. :slight_smile:

But casting is always a bit of a gamble, you never know quite how it’s all going to work out, so at the very least I think you can say his bets paid off.


For Matt Smith yes, but I think Capaldi was the start of the downfall of Doctor Who. Not saying he wasn’t great, more that Dr Who built up a fan base partly around the Doctor being a young handsome man and a bit of a sex symbol, only to put in someone a little bit scary and very very old. I think if they’d taken the Capaldi era and cast a lady then it’d have been more a more successful transition. As is I think they already had less interest in the show. I know it’s hard to measure but it feels at least internationally that Dr Who is a shadow of what it was 8 years ago.

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I tend to agree and anecdotally I know loads of people who bailed when Capaldi took over, though I would say it’s more down to most of his first series being crap than necessarily him (retreading the 6th Doctor “what if the Doctor was mean” concept didn’t help, mind). If he’d started off with a season as good as his last, I think he’d have won over the Tumblr teen crowd more.

I was a bit lukewarm on Capaldi for a while, but I realised recently that he has become the default I picture when I think of the character now.


Yeah… between Tennant and Smith, Doctor Who pulled in a lot of female fans. It was a gamble casting a guy who was as old as Hartnell when he started.

I think Capaldi might have been better received if he was better written and didn’t come off like a colossal asshole for his first year. The whole Doctor-Clara-Danny Pink dynamic was cringey and a horrible misfire.

Twelve reminded me a lot of Six. On paper, an asshole Doctor sounds interesting, but it’s next to impossible for the writers pull it off, and even if the scripts are good, it’s asking a lot of the actors to play smug, aloof, and cranky, and still make the character likeable and relatable.

I think there was too much of a temptation to have the Doctor channeling Malcolm Tucker, and that just didn’t work with the character. My favorite bit of Capaldi as the Doctor was when he was noodling on an electric guitar and breaking the fourth wall and explaining bootstrap paradoxes to the audience.

I wish Twelve had been portrayed that way, as sort of aging hippie eccentric. Playing the guitar. Directly addressing the audience. Shaggy-haired. Wearing a different band shirt for each story — Ramones, Clash, Motorhead, Iron Maiden’s “Somewhere in Time” album (aside from the appropriate title, the TARDIS is actually in the art). It would have been an interesting chamge of pace from Smith’s manic energy.


Hello I don’t really like chibnall as showrunner his writing is not very good. Just my opinion I respect other peoples opinions.


I feel it went downhill since hell bent


I did doctor who impressions at a open mic the fifth and seventh doctor.

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So, one deliberate supernova later. …

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I’ve been rewatching almost all of the Matt Smith run with my daughter recently and really enjoying it. Of all the modern Doctors he’s maybe the best mix of youthful energy with a sense of truly being an ancient alien creature, and even once you leave the great chemistry with Amy behind (we’re halfway through his relatively short run of episodes with Clara at the moment) he really lights up the screen.

Also, it’s interesting to watch back a lot of these episodes that at the time felt very up-and-down quality-wise, as they now seem fairly consistent and pretty good throughout.

I wonder if that’s partly seeing them through my daughter’s eyes (and so not caring about nitpicky plot holes or logic problems so much), and partly not worrying about any of the season arc elements that can be a distraction when you’re waiting to see what’s going on, but feel far less conspicuous once you know how it all plays out.


I’ve always felt Matt was the best Doctor. Even in a silly episode he was enjoyable to watch. The amount of energy he’d bring to every scene, and how he could switch it around to being concerned or afraid - he’s a very talented actor. He just barely fits in any other role. Like Tom Baker, he had the perfect skill set to be the Doctor but not much else.


I think the only other thing I’ve seen him in recently was the Terminator movie, which he wasn’t great in but didn’t have much to work with. I haven’t seen him in The Crown but I thought he might work quite well in that role.