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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


I was in tears as I read such transparent clickbait.


Presumably Lin and her new obsessive work boyfriend will have a Russian guy and a Caribbean woman show up in a couple of weeks, out of breath and desperate to help stop this renewed evil.
Not a particularly great secret society that doesn’t have any kind of infrastructure going on. The tropical one doesn’t even seem to have got a new weapon in the hundreds of years that passed.


Judging by the identical helicopter shots of the island in the two time periods, it looks like very little has changed there at all over those hundreds of years.


The voice over at the start says that the other couriers didn’t know that the third courier got killed on his way to wherever he was going.

So even if the intended location of the pieces was agreed in advance and even if that information was handed down through the generations, if the two guardians that we saw did meet up they would then go to a place where the third piece of Dalek never was.

And then probably go to a bar and get seriously drunk.

Then look for a new job the next day?


Presumably there was no plan for any of the guardians to ever meet up as the idea was to keep the pieces as far away from each other as possible.


If only they’d known that dismembered Dalek pieces can teleport!


Only when exposed to light mind you.


Dead dismembered pieces, no less.



Yeah, hopefully the Doctor remembers to go deal with the other two bits of Dalek before some numpty starts wandering around with a UV lamp.



The other two bits of Dalek aren’t there any more.


How convenient…



What an awesome idea for a spin-off series!


Big Finish are contacting their agents as we speak.


Ooo McGann vs Jacobi? Might have to give that a go. I find it slightly amusing they’ve ended up using McGann’s Doctor for a Time War story, given how pointedly Moffat didn’t (made less amusing by John Hurt being dead, obvs).


I thought the implication of the short with McGann was that he did fight in the time war but wasn’t cut out for it.


You know of the 12 War Doctor stories Hurt did with Big Finish?


I’m vaguely aware that he did a few.
It’s just ironic to me that Moffat created the War Doctor because he didn’t think McGann’s Doctor would work in that setting and now BF have ended up having to use him in that setting.


I think Moffat wanted him to cast him originally but the powers that be wanted a big(ger) name.


The official line;

Asked if it would have been Eccleston ending the Time War instead: “Yes, but do you know, I was always nervous of that one, because it doesn’t fit with [2005’s] Rose at all.

It’s no secret that Christopher Eccleston was initially approached about returning for The Day of the Doctor. Of course he ended up turning it down.

In the latest DWM, Moffat confirms that Eccleston would have filled what became John Hurt’s role: “Yes, but I was pretty certain Chris wouldn’t do it, although he did agree to a couple of meetings. So instead we had the challenge and excitement of introducing a BBC audience to a brand new Doctor.”

“[Eccleston] is a brand new Doctor in Rose, he’s absolutely, definitely new. It couldn’t have been is who pushed the button in the Time War, cos that’s a new man, very explicitly, in that episode. I also had trouble, I have to be honest, imagining it being Paul McGann’s Doctor.

“So all of this led me to the idea that if you’re going to sell to the Not-We audience a Doctor who essentially they haven’t seen before, then you have a freer hand than saying it has to be one of the ones you’ve already had. And it was predicated in getting an enormous star to be able to do it. We got John Hurt, so that was cool! Think of the fuss it’s created for us!”