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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


Oh come on, a many legged creature clamped on the back of someone, controlling them and communicating (seemingly)!psychically? It was straight out of Planet of the Spiders. If it was anyone else I’d agree with you but Chibnall is a) a massive Who fan, b) a massive hack and c) has previous on regurgitating elements of 70s stories.


That happens in Hamlet!


I’m such an idiot that the double-meaning of this ‘New Year’ episode’s title didn’t occur to me until now. :persevere:


What do you mean, double… meani… DOH! :confounded:


You need to be more resolute in future. :wink:


My first thought on the whole Brexit joke was not Brexit, but Trump.

Who’d have thought these big, bad, tough Brexiteers are so easily pricked? First fireworks, then Doctor Who, if only we could get a more sympathetic take on the poor, misunderstood Daleks, who only long for a golden age of racial purity.


I thought it was a Trump joke too. Half expected it to flash to the villain from the Spider one on TV as President.


Andrew Ellard (who was script editor on some of the recent series of Red Dwarf amongst other things) has done some “tweet-notes” for Resolution (as he has for all this past series), which are really worth reading for a knowledgeable outsider’s take on the show now.


Question : is that how microwaves work?


Of course. I use the insides of my microwave to explode large peices of bulletproof armour all the time. All. The. Time. You don’t have to be an off-shore oil rig worker to know how to do that.



I thought it was decent enough, but the back half was a letdown after a very good start. Which is par for the course for this year, really.

I did really like the makeshift Dalek design though.


It was a special microwave!


I agree with his take on the UNIT scene. Along with the rather tiresome Brexit gag. It just seemed totally pointless to brush it away like that. Especially when they already had all the UNIT elements within the episode anyway.

Overall I though the episode was pretty average. The Dalek stuff was ok. But they intercut so much shmaltz with the dad story. That I was rather bored by the end.


In short: not great, in line with the lowest ratings for the most recent series and the lowest-rated festive special since the show relaunched - but once you account for the move from Christmas day and the continuing change in viewer habits, it’s not particularly concerning or unexpected.


Just finished “Resolution”. Ho hum episode. Didn’t need to be New Year’s Day at all, really. Or did I miss something? What was the double meaning of the story title? (Clearly being dense today)

The UNIT Brexit scandal was a load of cobblers. Leavers get their knickers in a twist about the smallest of things these days, don’t they?

Still, really enjoyed this series overall. I liked Smith and Capaldi both, but at times it was a chore to watch those series. This one was just light, breezy, family entertainment, and something I looked forward to every week. Will miss it, and eagerly await its return.


A resolution in the New Year’s sense and a resolution to the issues whatshisname has with his dad.


I’m not sure anyone cares that much about it, I think it’s more the tabloids manufacturing a clickbait story during a slow news period.

There seems to be a particular pattern this past year running reports immediately after Doctor Who episodes air that consist mainly of positive or negative tweets about the show, and pretending each time that there’s a huge story there.

The Express is particularly bad for it.

It’s pretty standard clickbait stuff. I guess you could see it as a badge of honour that the show is popular enough to be exploited in that way.


He does make some very good points, to pick one;

It’s really disappointing that the set-up has nothing to do with the rest of the story.

In contrast to the microwave that actually becomes crucial to the end of the story, the transcontinental opening leads exactly… nowhere. It exists to make a single point; cooperation is good.

Three tribes banded together to defeat a greater threat, so we should all work together to make things better.

That’s a perfectly good moral, but it doesn’t need (or even benefit from) bits of Dalek scattered around the world that can just teleport themselves back together somehow, when one piece is exposed to a little UV light!


Oh. Of course.


Lots of people enjoy a good cry, it seems.