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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


I thought that was a pretty good episode in the ‘Dalek’ mould, until the last five or ten minutes when it turned into a massive load of old guff.


Also: I was a bit surprised that such a complex functioning Dalek device could be constructed by a woman with her bare hands, but I guess if they made it look any more low-tech it could have been laughable. I was happy to suspend my disbelief on that front - less so with that focused vacuum tunnel (?) business at the end.


Yeah, the last 5-10 minutes were the real mishap in that - blowing the crap out of a Dalek by cooking it should have been the finale. If you can’t kill a Dalek what can you kill?

Quite like the ep, but I was wondering where the mini-missile launchers came from.

It’s the best ep they’ve done so far for me, which renders the wait until 2020 even more mind-numbingly dumb than I thought it was.


Every Dalek is trained to A-Team a makeshift casing together using puppeteered hostages that have fingers and thumbs.

But I’d rather lose most of the Dad stuff than this.


Yes, that was the real eyebrow-raiser. That and the boosters.

Like I say though, it didn’t really hurt the story too much for me.


I think without the Dad stuff you lose a big part of the heart of the episode. Some of those scenes were really strong, I thought.


I didn’t, I thought they were ham-fisted.

The subtext of the series has been to talk about family, as a concept, and it’s been hit and miss with that. This was a miss for me.


Oh I wouldn’t say it hurt the story, more one of those: Huh, mini-missiles, now where did it get those? I know farmers keep loads of stuff lying but really?

Hey, wait a sec… Fertiliser.

It was a big strand of the plot, think it would have still worked with a quieter conclusion as it was Aaron that came up with the cooking idea.


It was blunt, but I think it needed to be to get that information across in a way that kids would understand. More subtle and I think it would risk losing them.

The scene in the cafe was a real standout, strong scene I thought.


There was a lot of “fertiliser” in this episode…

It could still be better.

But there was stuff I enjoyed; the Dalek’s Venom impersonation was interesting (if less so than the movie of Venom), the previously mentioned A-Team scene (deliberately similar to the Doctor making her sonic screwdriver) even the call centre joke was funny enough.

We’re still in the TV/Film reality where Daleks can pick off running soldiers but not running civilians in an enclosed space (quite A-Team too!) and waaaaaay too much exposition but as I said earlier; cut that down and it’s a fun idea.


Fnar, fnar.


Definitely the best Chibnall-written episode of the new run, even if it fell apart towards the end.

I hadn’t heard Charlotte Ritchie had been cast; I’ve been a fan of hers since Fresh Meat.


I’m with Steve on this. I’ve been one of the biggest supporters of the character-driven stuff this season, but here it felt really forced and added nothing to the episode. The whole Ryan and his Dad suddenly being happy families at the end was completely unearned. It should have been “I saved you cos you’re me Dad but you were still a twat for all those years so sling your hook. And sorry about your microwave, yeah?”


Yeah, I actually agree with that to an extent. It maybe would have been better to seed stuff with him through the entire season and earn this payoff more.

I do still think that the earlier scenes of this episode with him worked well, though - both the cafe scene with Ryan and the later scene with Graham and the box of possessions.


There were good scenes, but for some reason (and I couldn’t explain what) they felt like they weren’t necessary.

On reflection, maybe it’s because I felt that Ryan’s “issues” had already been resolved by his getting closer to Graham, and having his Dad back intruded on that.


Her Dalek possessed character felt like a natural progression than her character in Siblings. I’d say the Dalek was a bit nicer maybe.

The Dalek controlling Lin like a puppet was another instance of Chibnall recycled bits of 70s stories - it’s straight out of Planet of the Spiders, right down to “how doesn’t it get crushed when she sits down in the cars?”


The Express is raging because PEOPLE ARE!.. GRRRR.


Nice of the show to keep introducing characters who are more interesting than Yas. Really not sure what the point of her is. “Go back home and we’ll call you when it’s safe.” Thanks, great work there officer.


That’s just crap writing. There’s plenty of mileage for any of them, written properly.

Ryan’s dyspraxia is a good idea, let’s incorporate something most people have never heard of (unlike dyslexia) but it comes and goes in a way that medical issues do not. That’s the writing too.

The Guardian liked it;

It’s definitely a Brexit gag, but it was one of the more subtle moments in the show.

It’s classic scifi. Robert Heinlein’s estate could mount a decent case for money, or at least an “inspired by” credit. :wink:


“Human body is taken over by evil being” is a story idea that’s pretty universal and goes back a lot further than that. :slight_smile:

I thought it worked pretty well here.

Also, it reminded me of Terminator 2 when she stole the police uniform and car, which is never a bad thing.