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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


So was he a good man? :slight_smile:


Dr Who has fallen off of our weekly watching schedule so a wee bit behind on it. Watched the witches episode last night. Alan Cummings subtle performance was a lot of fun.


“Good men don’t need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many“


And yeah, that was a fairly insipid finale.

I still think there are some good building blocks in what Chibnall has done, but I’d hoped to have seen a bit more complexity and depth to Whitaker’s Doctor by the season’s end. Fingers crossed now that everyone has seen what the new Doctor and her crew are like that we get a second series with them that shakes it up a bit more.

I completely get why Chibnall has gone for an “all new” approach with this first season, but I’d love to see some interaction between Whitaker’s Doctor and someone tangible from her past … I’d almost be curious to see a “Two Doctors” style story with Whitaker and one of 10, 11 or 12 to be honest.


I have always seen this Tolkien line as applying to the Doctor: “Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.”

He (She) is inhetently kind, but not somebody you want to be on the bad side of. The Doctor is, by nature good, but also someone of immense power, wisdom, and righteousness.


That was one of the things about last year’s Christmas episode I liked - the difference between the young Doctor and the person he was going to become.

Still haven’t quite processed the idea of Christmas Day without a Doctor Who episode :neutral_face:


Final ratings for the season.

Overnight Consolidated +4-Screen AI
Ep 01 8.2m 10.54m 10.96m 83
Ep 02 7.11m 8.67m 9.00m 82
Ep 03 6.39m 8.09m 8.41m 83
Ep 04 6.43m 7.97m 8.22m 83
Ep 05 6.12m 7.49m 7.76m 79
Ep 06 5.77m 7.23m 7.48m 80
Ep 07 5.93m 7.23m 7.46m 81
Ep 08 5.66m 7.03m 7.21m 81
Ep 09 5.07m 6.24m 6.42m 80
Ep 10 5.32m 6.48m 6.65m 79

Slight bump for the finale, but the consolidated numbers are roughly 1.2m over last year by the end. Which you can either attribute to the new creative team or the move to Sunday. Or both I guess, but that would suggest neither has had much effect.

Crucial to me, I think is that the AI ratings are consistently lower than last series (which was solidly around 83, reached 85 and was 81 at the lowest, once) and the finale dipped down to the same as the Ptang episode that hardly anyone liked.


What is the AI column in relation to, not something I’m aware of?

I’m not surprised there was such a drop off. Although I’m not sure if that’s just normal or not.


I assumed Audience Index.


It’s an audience appreciation thing, a panel of viewers get to rate episodes with a score on how much they enjoyed them. I can’t quite remember if it’s ‘Appreciation Index’ or ‘Audience Index’ but you get the gist anyway that it’s a score out of 10 on how much you liked it.

As to the ratings pattern, yeah it’s pretty common, it’s maybe a bit more up and down in recent years but generally has a decreasing pattern and then a bump for the finale.


Some interesting context, these are the overnights for Christmas Day.

  1. The Queen (BBC One, ITV, Sky One, Sky News) 6.4m
  2. Michael McIntyre 6.1m
  3. Strictly Come Dancing 5.8m
  4. Call The Midwife 5.5m
  5. Jungle Book 5.2m
  6. EastEnders 5.0m
  7. BBC News 4.7m
  8. Mrs Brown’s Boys 4.7m
  9. Coronation Street (ITV, ITV+1) 4.6m
  10. Zog 4.5m

The worst standard Who episode on overnights beat Eastenders and everything below it. The Queen’s Speech is on 4 channels concurrently so doesn’t really count. I think the Doctor may be invited back next year.


And Eastenders has constantly beaten Doctor Who in recent years


I’m not sure, I think you can read it both ways.

Yes, if it had maintained the series ratings it would have probably done ok (last year’s big regeneration episode managed 5.7m, which is maybe a decent indicator).

But Christmas Day audiences have on the decline in general for years (as this article points out, a decade ago , Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death was watched by an overnight audience of 14.3 million people, so ratings have plummeted in the intervening ten years), and so it’s maybe no longer seen as a good day to put on a special episode of one of your flagship shows in the middle of the day.

It may well prove to be a good decision to hold it back for New Year’s Day.

If Chibnall is able to get a new episode made by then, I’ll be thrilled. :smile:


TV ratings have been in decline in general, we used to get 20m fairly easily for top shows in the 80s and it’s reduced every year since. Maybe more accurately they’ve dispersed, first with Sky and then DVD and then Freeview and now streaming.

In the majority of cases so far the Christmas Day Who episode has been a bump on normal ones.


No argument on any of that, but I think it’s a little bit beside the point - which is about whether the Christmas Day slot is seen as being as prestigious and essential as it once was.

I was surprised when they announced that there wouldn’t be a Christmas Day special this year, but the decision is clearly one about how best to position the show - they have an episode ready to broadcast, and they’ve decided that it’s best scheduled on New Year’s Day instead of Christmas Day.

I’m willing to be open-minded and consider the possibility that the schedulers and the showrunner know what they’re doing to some extent, and they seem to think that the exposure and prestige of New Year’s Day (which is when they’ve launched new series like Sherlock in recent years) is going to be better for the show than the traditional - but maybe now a bit outdated - Christmas Day slot.

We’ll see if that’s reflected in the ratings.


I think it’s a valid point but just saying that if you check the ratings in the last few years the Christmas Day episode got a bump, not just 10 years back. We shall see how New Years Day performs, not just for Who but generally.


Yep, the seasonal episodes usually get a bump, partly for the slot but especially when they time big regeneration episodes etc. for Christmas.

This year seems like it could be an ‘event’ of sorts, the trailers are teasing the Daleks which is obviously a first for this Doctor, so it will hopefully get some extra interest for that.


Cut half of the waffle out of that and it’s a fun idea.

But they left it all in.


Chekov’s microwave.