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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


Has anyone posted that in the New Year’s Special the Daleks return? I don’t want to spoil it if people are averting their eyes from such things.


In order to see if anyone has posted about it, I had to click on it. And thus spoiled it.

But I don’t believe anyone has posted about that.


That was my evil and twisted plan. It’ll be all over the Radio Times next week anyway.


I just did the same thing :joy:




I don’t read the Radio Times. Even my parents don’t read the Radio Times.

They can keep their spoilers. :rage:


I think it’ll get spoiled either way, I can’t see it not being a feature of every promotional piece or ad over Christmas.



Anyone here?

Lights are on, but no one’s home.

Ep was all-right, can’t say I feel much about it though - bit too low-key a finale? Perhaps.


That was alright, lots going on, no real complications, heavy-handed with the moral. Just a bit bland really.


It was largely pretty dull I thought, and bringing back the underwhelming comedy baddie from the first episode was maybe not the best choice for a big series finale.

And while I was glad to see them return to the idea of unintended consequences of the Doctor not being decisive enough in her method of dealing with villains, it felt like a thread that never went anywhere.


Hey, remember when they assured us that we’ll definitely get a full season next year, no matter what those nasty rumours were saying?


Yeah, it didn’t do much for me. The reference to towing Earth with the TARDIS, from Journey’s End. Just reminded me how fun that was, and how not fun and bland this all feels.


2020? Are they insane? First there was this idiotic gap from the announcement to when the series started, which to a kid would be aaaaaggggeeeeeeessss and now, guess what? Another year plus gap. This is dumb.


Maybe they’re planning to premiere it on New Year’s Day 2020, à la Sherlock. In that case the delay between series 11 and 12 could actually end up shorter than the one between 10 and 11 despite those ones falling in consecutive calendar years.


That would probably mean one less episode though, if there’s no special that holiday season.


A dull, plodding end to a largely dull, uninvolving series. Fitting, really.

Taking another year long break between seasons is madness, btw.


It was ok, but one of the weaker episodes of the series. And it’s gone back to solving everything with meaningless technobable again, which while at least not as stupid as towing the Earth with the TARDIS is still pretty bad.


I don’t think they care about that too much. We’re already a few episodes short with this latest season as it is.


Even with them calling it out, the whole stolen planets thing just felt like a weak rethread of the S4 ending.


It made me think of the Pirate Planet, where planets were turned into small trophies.