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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


The next classic blu-ray set is season 18 (including K9 and Company).

Still no sign of a second run for season 12, which I suspect is being used to bolster pre-orders for this and season 19, which is out this month.


Just caught up.
So I liked that even if it did feel a lot more like Sapphire and Steel for most of it. With a bit of Coroline thrown in.

Liked the talking frog too but it felt that end speech it was written more for Tennant than Witthittaker.

Last episode on Saturday, hopefully we can get some fireworks because this season needs them.


I can’t remember a season finale with such little hype and buildup in the reboot era. I’m not expecting big things, certainly not in that climactic Moffat sense.


I think that’s fine, personally. There’s no reason why the last of a series of stand-alone stories has to be any more spectacular than the rest of the series.


Even if it’s not explicitly building on the previous episodes, you at least want to go out on a high note that leaves people wanting more, rather than a dud that underwhelms and colours the impression of the entire series. Given how mixed this series has been, especially in terms of reception, I think this finale will have a strong say on how this series is remembered.


I’m not convinced that is true. Can you tell me what happened in the last story of season 12 of Doctor Who (1974-5)? You’ll know (or know of) Genesis of the Daleks, but which was the last story? The big season “climax” that made you come back for season 13?

Hint: there wasn’t one. It was just another story, and not even on a par with Genesis. We still came back for season 13.


It’s Revenge of the Cyberman, a middling story which ends on the high note of cliffhanger with the Doctor getting a message from the Brigadier calling him back to UNIT for an emergency. And actually, Terror of the Zygons was produced as the end of s12, but held back and that’s pretty good.

I’d argue it was different back in ye olden days when the series was a set of serialised stories rather than a string of individual episodes.


You do understand that you’re literally the only person left on the planet who thinks TV works the same way now as it did 43 years ago?


It’s true though, Eastenders and Coronation Street have been going for decades and they’ve never had a decent season finale.


Especially as Chibnall is the credited writer again, for the first time since Ep. 5. His episodes were all weaker than the ones since.


It’s going to be interesting to see what Chibnall does. Part of me wants to see him attempt the kind of big finale that ties together bits from all the previous episodes like RTD and Moffat did, just because I want to see how much he stuffs that up.


I really hope he blows it out of the water.

There are some decent ingredients in his overall idea for the programme, and in his cast. I hope in the finale he shows us exactly what they can do.

And I think any “finale moment” is going to be thematic, not plot-orientated … that really strong strand of “family” that has run through every episode.


The finale is clearly going to be the dramatic origin of her new scarf.



So long as Graham survives. I really don’t know if I would be interested in the current show without him. I certainly don’t want to be stuck with a Ryan/Yaz romance.


Well he did just get called Grandad…


They’ve been telegraphing his demise.
If he ever gets his fist bump he’s dead next scene.


Ryan punches him to death.


Ooooooo, nice!

The Macra Terror is wonderfully weird.


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