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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


Scarf - Skarf… Skaro



… Scarif!

I mean, if we’re talking Timelords, the Doctor is definitely a rogue one.


All that now needs to happen is in a future Doc story, a Dalek notices her on a camera and goes:



That works in a Dalek voice.


Forever to be known as “the talking frog one”.


Heh, yeah. It was all right.


Two good episodes in a row!..Can the space time continuum take this kind of strain?!?..

Bit of a slow start, but I was hooked once they went into the mirror. The whole idea of the cast out sentient universe was very cool. And actually managed to be a bit sad towards the end.


Yeah, I thought it was alright. Nice to see The Actor Kevin Eldon pop up.


I liked it, but could have done without the talking frog.

The Doctor seemed to pull the correct solution out of thin air. But again it was more about the charatrcers than a cast-iron plot so I can overlook it.


Yeah, the point where she suddenly worked it out and did the Exposition Speech was the only real weak point … otherwise I really enjoyed that.

And I liked the talking frog!


So much so that I was actually waiting for it to be revealed that she was wrong in her assumptions - I thought the twist was going to be that there was a bad thing in our universe that was a danger to the other one.


I think it could have done without the plot padding zone (which felt rather Pitch Black again) and then decompressed the Doctor working out what was going on, but it was alright generally.


I do feel like I’m appreciating the variety in settings this series. This was another nice change of scene (even if part of me thinks it was only picked so they could make the H2G2 references).


Does anyone know how the viewing figures are doing over the course of this season?

I ask because as of tonight the last person I know from friends, family or colleagues, has chucked it.

comments were as follows

“Gave Dr who a watch. Thank fuck she and the writer are going next series. boring as fuck. writing poor.”

I’m still recording it, but not watched the last 3. I’d like to watch it with my son, as it was cherished life moments from those first couple of episodes.


Series 11 ratings so far.

Overnight Consolidated AI
Episode 1 8.2m 10.54m 83
Episode 2 7.11m 8.67m 82
Episode 3 6.39m 8.09m 83
Episode 4 6.43m 7.97m 83
Episode 5 6.12m 7.49m 79
Episode 6 5.77m 7.23m 80
Episode 7 5.93m 7.23m 81
Episode 8 5.66m TBC

So trending down, but still pretty good.


To put it into context, last week still had the best ratings for a non-Christmas episode since Death in Heaven, and this year’s ratings have on average have been the best since 2012. They could lose another million viewers and still be comparable to the last couple of years.

I liked that one as well, it was probably the first episode to use the extended runtime well, and it managed to keep me guessing about what exactly was going on for quite some time - when Hanna hit Ryan and went into the portal I started to suspect she was behind the weirdness, for example.

However, one thing that’s been nagging me all series and was highlighted this week is a lack of connective tissue between scenes. When Ryan catches up to Hanna in the antizone he knows to keep still, he knows where a light is stashed, and while we know about the antizone, we don’t discover how Ryan knows, or how he was there long enough to figure this out while Hanna just wanders around. Most, if not all of the episodes have had a similar leap in logic, despite being longer on average.

Overall, a lot of what people haven’t liked about this year has been stuff I do like. Most notably, I’m enjoying the ensemble cast, that the Doctor collaborates with her companions - especially talking stuff out with Yaz, and Ryan and Graham’s relationship developing. It’s a new dynamic for the show, and it’s really the best thing Chibnall has brought to the show.


I particularly liked the backwards costumes and hair in that episode. Lots of really great dark sci-fi moodiness.


I don’t know if I was more surprised by the talking frog or by the emphatic reminder that Bradley Walsh can act the shit out of this role.


It was a nice subtle way to immediately let you know something was weird on the other side of the mirror.

(I assumed they had just flipped the footage rather than go to the trouble of reversed costumes, hairdos and sets.)


Obviously not, because the dialogue wasn’t backwards.