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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


Yeah that might be my favourite episode of the series so far. I liked that it had ore of a focus on the Doctor rather than the companions. And a nice mix of alien plot mixed with the period setting. Still had some clunky dialogue, especially when the Doctor was reactivating the prison at the end. But definitely an improvement on previous weeks.


I enjoyed it too. A decent plot, some good historical stuff and some genuinely quite scary baddies - there was a fair bit of eye-covering and “tell me when this bit has finished” in our house.

(And that was just me etc.)


Also: Alan Cumming gave exactly the kind of performance you want from a guest-star. Loads of fun.


Alan Cumming was having ALL the fun


As evil bastards go, Becka Savage takes some beating. Pretty good ep and yeah, Cumming’s role was both fun, with just the right anount of menace and very well cast.


Yeah, that was decent. Cumming was wonderful hamming it up and Whittaker finally got something approaching a good Doctory scene talking to James. It did sort of collapse a little for me as soon as the aliens started talking though. Killed the mood somewhat.


I loved that, thought it was great. Alan Cumming was glorious. One of the best episodes so far of the series.


The order in which they have set the stories this year has been a real detriment. This should have came directly after the spider one. It feels like a waste tucking it in near the end of the series.


The show may be called Doctor Who but Whittaker is not standing out on her own. This show could be more accurately titled the Time travelling Friends from Sheffield.


That should have been the name of Arctic Monkey’s last album.


It was a close second to what we actually got:


I’m sure I remember hearing that the episode order got shuffled a bit, and this was originally meant to be earlier in the series.


It has felt like that a few times, it’s been nagging at me a fair bit. Cumming made that feel like a brilliant little romp, it feels like it’s Who showing off and would have addressed the Doctor’s gender in a great way if broadcast earlier in the series when we were still thinking about her being a woman (which I’d not thought about in a while until last night).


I think it’s safe to say the “historical” stories are the highlight of the series thus far. Like Kerblam it falls apart a bit at the end - for Kerblam the message got muddled, and here the characters just all get onboard with fighting the aliens even though King James at least should probably still be decrying the Doctor and her companions as witches. But Alan Cumming was brilliant, so a lot is forgiven.


Billie Piper reprises Rose Tyler


Interesting that RTD’s been involved in developing that (from the article, almost working as executive producer again).


This article contains something of a spoiler for our predictions in this thread.

Bradley Walsh makes it through the series alive.


The scarf looks great.


A scarf and a fez already, we’re being spoiled.

Bradley Walsh’s scarf is class too. I’d buy and wear that.


And wasn’t it sentient scarves that told the Doctor about all that Timeless Child stuff in episode two of this season? I think we’ve stumbled on the series arc.