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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


It’s a heck of a gamble if that’s the plan. Make a series of unsatisfying episodes only for the payoff to hit at the end of the season.

I don’t think the Doctor has ever been one for regime change. He seems to step in to pull situations back from the brink, but on the whole he expects everyone to figure it out for themselves when he leaves. I’ve always thought he doesn’t want to be in charge or have that level of ownership. He’s like a parent stepping in only when he has to, or a teacher keeping an eye on a playground.


I think Chibnall and co. are likely as happy with what they’ve done as any creative person ever is and the likelihood that he’s playing some kind of long game is practically zero.

I could be wrong though.


I agree. But it’s been such a recurring theme that I feel like it must be part of a plan to some degree, especially in the absence of any other real series arc. It feels like too much to be coincidence.


That’s not a theme though, it’s a reaction.

Surely there must be more? Surely this can’t be all there is? Surely there’s a bigger plan at work?

Not always.

But we shall see.


I mean, I’m aware that I’m hoping against the available evidence that Chibnall has a clever plan up his sleeve. But you never know…


Like Series 9 then?


That’s probably my favourite series of Who. Well, it’s between that and 6.
Chibnall didn’t write any episodes in those series.


It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an awful set of episodes of any TV show be made retroactively much, much, much better by everything that happened in the last two episodes.


Twitter has just told me that it’s the 55th Anniversary of Dr. Who’s first broadcast… yesterday!

Somehow it feels appropriate that I’ve discovered this on the wrong day.


Seems apt.


This my biggest problem with Thirteen. She just comes off as so meek and passive, and just sort of blends in with her three companions. It’s really u fortunate that they’ve taken this direction with the first female Doctor.

Even Twelve, who came off like an asshole for most of his first two seasons, was still unambiguously assertive and “The Doctor.”


I hear unhappiness and cries of “Bad Writing!” with a soupcon of “This ain’t MY Doctor.” Following in the footsteps of Marvel Comics, DC movies and that hideous Last Jedi, I think you are seeing the hospice year of Doctor Who. This makes me sad.


Demons of the Punjab was an amazing episode. Really touching and affecting. We watched it in pin drop silence all the way through, captivated by what was happening. Knowing exactly how it was going to turn out but fascinated all the same. There was a distinct lump in my throat at the end, I’ve got to admit. My maternal family come from the Punjab. My wife’s paternal family were on the Pakistan side of the border when partition took place and had to fight their way back over the border, leaving their home and belongings behind. It hit particularly close to home for us in the Singh household. Well done :clap:t3:


If Who did a couple if episodes like this every season that affected people this way I think it would be amazing to see. Nearly everyone is tied to something important in history by family, I’d like to see stuff like that explored. A Doctor Who set in the Easter Rising or during the Troubles would be brilliant. There’s plenty of stuff that’s happened all over the world that would make brilliant backdrops.


I think very quickly you start highlighting the horrors of history and face having the character not doing anything about them. Plus I think people want idealism and escapism in their Doctor Who.


We’ve had fixed points in time established. Whether or not fans enjoy episodes like that seems to be a marmite thing, but non-Who fans definitely seem to enjoy them much more.


Caught up on the last few eps:


Given its rep and some of the chatter around it I was expecting this to be far more preachy and melodramatic than it was. Instead it went for a quieter style that was far more effective, with Krastos final speech being an excellent example of how this sort of crap doesn’t disappear. Similarly, you can read the historical accounts and know what happened, but not feel it in the same way this episode achieved. Just the imagery of the bus, with segregated seats, makes the point very well.

The Tsuranga Conundrum

This was fun. Did find it funny that Antos managed to get the Doc to stop being a macho moron and back the hell down. Did wonder if they were going to explode the little bastard Pting in ‘new brutal Who’ moment, but nope the little shit survived the explosion.

Demons of the Punjab

Wow. This was a desperately sad yet so very fittingly so episode. What’s sadder is the fact that the same divisional shit that went on then, had happened before and continued to happen again and again the world over. There are demons in the world, they’re those individuals that incite others to kill their neighbour of years over a small difference, the purity ideologues for whom no amount of death and suffering will ever be enough. As might be evident, I liked the revelation of the ‘demons’ true nature a great deal.


This is a tricky one. I liked that that little shit Charlie not only killed someone he might have actually loved, but was killed by his own scheme. It had quite a good riff on the nature of management but did those in those positions actually learn anything? I’m not so certain.

It’s notable that, at the heart of companies like Amazon, management has a deep distrust of their workers thus the constant monitoring - it all indicates a lack of trust and confidence, or perhaps the individual of the managers themselves. They reason that if they could get away with doing less, they would, thus everyone else must be the same, thus the system has to be the way it is.

And those robots were fucking creepy.

So, how’s the series doing? For me, pretty damn good.


Yes, that’s sort of a problem with Doctor Who when you really start to think about it. Why didn’t the Doctor prevent 9/11 from happening? Why didn’t the Doctor stop the Holocaust? The Doctor can save some schlub from the laser blast of a Dalek, but not a school kid from a madman’s bullet.

They can kind of fudge these issues with “fixed points in time” and not being able to cross back into his own timeline (Sorry, Rose’s dad and Adric!) but then you start asking yourself why this week’s alien invasion isn’t a fixed point in time, while this week’s terrorist bombing is.

“Demons of the Punjab” was one of the better stories this season, I thought, where it gives the Doctor a sort of “City on the Edge of Forever” dilemma where she has to let someone die in order to insure Yaz is born. And it also sort of raises the question of how many people has the Doctor prevented from being born every time she/he saved someone.

Time travel is all fun and games until you cause someone to be unborn.


And you cause a whole new set of births!


I actually quite enjoyed that. For the first time Jodie felt like the Doctor.