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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


That was one of the better episodes this season. I don’t know if the season order was planned or rejigged to deliberately air it on Remembrance Sunday, but it felt quite apt.


Yawn. Wake me up when Chibnall’s gone.

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What a total downer that was…Maybe I’m being a big shallow, but I just want a bit of Sunday night entertainment. The depressing history lessons are not doing it for me.

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I really liked it again. Again, the strength is in the characterisation, and focusing on just a small family drama made the bigger events feel more immediate and so more powerful. There were similarities with the Rosa Parks episode, where they have to stand back and let the inevitable happen, but I don’t think that’s a negative, as it’s a very effective technique in historical episodes.


Yep, it was reminiscent of Rosa in some ways (and the red herring/twist about the nature of the aliens was a bit similar to the most recent Christmas special). It still worked though, it highlighted a period of history that deserves more attention, told a dramatic story about it, and it looked great.

I understand the criticisms - it felt slow and a bit dull in places - but it was still better than almost every other episode of this season.


That’s possibly the best episode so far. The show still looks great, and the closing credits theme was fantastic.

Considering I always find the “past” episodes to be the worst, this new take on them is really working for me. Even if they’re a bit like City on the Edge of Forever.


Easily the best episode this series (damning with faint praise) but still too slow for its own good really. I don’t think any episode this series has benefitted from the extended running time, it’s just allowed for a ponderous, self indulgent tone (a bit like what I’ve seen of Broadchurch, just with fewer beaches).


No one wanted to watch DR Who in out house tonight. Sadly the damage done last week has put my eldest and my wife off.

A massive of the appeal was watching it as a family so I’m genuinely not sure if that’s me done with this chibnal/Whittaker era of Who.

I’ll see how I/they feel next week, but I’m in no rush to watch this on my own, as I’ve got scores of stuff I’d rather watch first if I get an hour to myself.

The hope is that I can at least get my eldest to watch it with me one night after work this week.


Totally loved that one. Not perfect, like most Dr Who, but totes good.

Perfect alternative remembrance day story.

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That was probably as close to a full-on historical as we’re likely to get from Doctor Who these days (And yes, I realise I’m saying “these days” to refer to the last 47 years or so), and I really enjoyed it as well. A lot of it was predictable - as soon as Yaz got the watch it was clear the story would be her finding out how it got broken, and possibly a predestination paradox; and as soon as Yaz didn’t recognise Prem it was clear he was going to die. The twist with the aliens was welcome as a result, I didn’t see that coming at least.

But like @davidm said, this was all about the characterisation. Everyone felt real, and Manish especially felt like someone who meant well, but did horrible things because he couldn’t understand that he was in the wrong.


I’ve had a similar premonition about Bradley Walsh’s character since episode one. Pretty much as soon as he lands that fist bump he’s dead, right?


“Fist bump, Grandad!”

Bradley Walsh dies


He’s still banging on about how he’s a victim. It’s really annoying because he’s a great actor and I wouldn’t want to work with him if I produced a show, he’s shits on everything he’s been near. What a fucking waste of a career.


Presumably he’s talking about it because he was asked about it in the interview.

I can see this specific conflict from his point of view. As an actor you probably don’t want fake quotes attributed to you that suggest you can’t deal with a heavy workload.

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No I get that, but the weight of it is lost somewhat in the fact he complains about everything he’s been in in every interview. I’ve never heard him say something good about anything he’s been in bar Cracker.


I’m sure that I saw him say good things about Gone in 60 Seconds. Somewhere.


Confirmation of the move of the Christmas episode to New Year’s Day:


Wow, has it really been 13 years since 1 January 2019? How time flies…


Maybe she pops back to 1 January 2019 quite often, and it’s been 13 years since her last visit.

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This would explain the weird-at-the-time move of going to America to do Heroes almost immediately after leaving Who.

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