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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


I think you’re right. It seems to be a common theme (and next week’s episode looks to feature more of it).

I think this episode struggled to juggle the threat with all the different family issues playing out - maybe cutting one of the subplots would have helped - but at its heart it feels like those are the issues Chibnall is exploring.

Which I guess fits with his attempts to drag the show back to being something with broad appeal across entire families.


Does that mean the finale will be about the Doctor’s family, or lack of it?


This can only lead to more fan-theories that Susan is coming back.


What if Susan Who, was a younger Doctor Who - like before they graduated?

If so then Susan has been there all the time…


They’re presumably going to do something with Ryan’s dad for the end of the series.

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Did you forget the point about the alien’s skin being toxic to humans?

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He wasn’t a human.


An animated recon of Wheel in Space (episode 1) has been announced and will premiere at Missing Believed Wiped, ahead of a DVD release next year. It’s only 10 minutes though, which is a little odd and it’s not said whether the rest of the missing bits of the serial have been animated too.

Clarification of the extent of the animation from one of the producers.

Which is really weird. Why would you only animate 10 minutes of one episode from a mostly missing story just to show at an event and then lob on a DVD as a special feature? They’re practically inviting people to speculate that the everything but that 10 minutes has been found and returned to the archive, because that’s the only explanation for paying out to animate only 10 minutes that isn’t totally odd.


I liked this week’s episode. There was nothing particularly special about it, being another bog-standard base/ship under siege type story. But the character work was pretty good, Graham and Ryan’s relationship continues to be a highlight - I’m down for the refused fist bump being a running gag, and the return of the future humans getting 21st century Earth details wrong is always a laugh.

Plus, the ptang had a cute butt.




Details of episodes seven and eight:

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So are there no returning writers from previous series this year?


Pretty sure Chibnall said that was a specific choice that was made.


By him or by the writers?

It’s a pretty damn arrogant one if by him.

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By him, if I remember correctly. I believe the idea was to bring in new blood and perspectives. I could be misremembering though.

EDIT: So I kind of misremembered, he made an effort to hire as many female and POC writers as possible. Since Doctor Who had never had any POC writers before that didn’t leave a lot of room for previous writers.


Another season, another fuck about with transmission times.


Wasn’t the main argument for moving to Sundays that it would give it a stable timeslot again?


To be fair I think that was mainly our argument than an official one given.


Some interesting data on viewing figures that I just stumbled across.


For context, that was Peter Davidson’s first season, in 1982.