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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"



The fact that I’m currently browsing Millarworld while watching this epsiode says a lot about what I think about it.

I’m bored. Wife is bored. Kids are bored.


It was alright. The male pregnancy was a nice one off gag. Not sure I needed the constant cutting back too it though. The little alien was a nice idea, and he was kind of cute to.

One thing I’m finding, is that I need the continuing story of the Moffat years. Yeah it had its problems, but these self contained episodes are feeling a bit flat to me. Feels like there’s really nothing driving my desire to keep up with the show at this point.

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The music was really good. I don’t really have much more positive to say about that.

I’ll struggle to get the family to watch it next week after that epsiode. That was about 15 mins of story in 50 mins padded out with technobabble.

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The lighting was really… there, you know.


I feel like this episode bit off more than it could chew. Too many different character stories fighting for attention, and smothering what could have been a pretty tight and tense main story about the alien eating the ship.

It felt like scenes often happened in a fairly random order, with the momentum of certain scenes being totally killed by what followed (especially the scenes that just stopped the flow dead to have the characters dole character backstory).

That said, I think the Doctor marvelling at the antimatter drive might be my favourite Whittaker moment since the start of this series.


The cast remain good, the story was slack though.

I think a McGuffin is a perfectly viable device for a story but the little alien had nothing going on at all. Not in a mysterious ‘alien’ way, but just because no-one on the production thought it mattered.

So the episode passed the time in an ok way, and had some good moments with the actors giving it their all, but it’s likely to fade from memory pretty fast.

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The plot was meh and didn’t hook me at all.

But what I noticed again was that by the end I cared about every single character in it, regular cast and guests. That’s significant because I haven’t felt that way consistently since Moffat took over. For all the faults in the plots, the character writing has been consistently good this season.


I’ve had the revelation that I’m watching this because it’s on rather than I’m enjoying it as a thing in its own right. I would say “Nice character moments” and the like this week but that just isn’t enough to cut it anymore.


Chibnall’s writing is mundane. His pacing is poor and the dialogue is leaden. The scenes often play like rehearsals. It’s not bad. It’s worse than that, it’s dull.


The next few episodes are all written by other people, so we’ll see how they go.

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I liked this one, it felt like it was the fist time it gelled as an story where things happen to people in bad situations, and how they get out of it. It wasn’t great, but it was solid, and it had proper Davis corridor emotional conversations…


Just watched it. In two parts, stopped to watch Math of the Day 2, so you might say it was an episode of two halves. Ahem.

Anyway, MOTD2 was more exciting. Hell, washing up would have been more exciting than that. I’m not sure many kids could have sat through it without being bored.

Something about Whittaker isn’t quite landing for me yet, and I think its because she appears to demonstrate dramatic tension through breathing a bit quicker/louder whilst delivering how confused she is - it’s very distracting once you notice it.


It feels like that my have been filmed out of sequence with how we are watching it. Everyone’s performance seemed closer to the first episode. It also feels like a different version of the second episode.

The Doctor wasn’t that Doctor-y. The character at the begining who died was much more interesting than anyone else, like a medic with military precision.

I also checked my phone a few times through boredom.


It’s really unfortunate that they’ve saddled the first female Doctor with a bunch of awful episodes. So far, this all “Love & Monsters” or “Fear Her” level crap. I’m expecting the farting aliens to turn up again.

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I liked the farting aliens. And the woman who turned into a pavement, I liked that episode too. I like silly Dr Who.


There was a point at which I thought they were going to go quite dark - once they established that the monster didn’t eat human flesh and they needed to stop it from eating the ship, I thought that they were going to sew it inside the pregnant man just after he had his baby.

Probably would have been a bit weird though.



I did say it would have been a bit weird.

But it was like a logic puzzle: little baby-sized imp will eat everything except human flesh; we need to trap him inside something to stop him eating the ship; and the guy about to have a baby was about to have a baby-sized hole in him.

(If they did do it they could have made male pregnancy for that alien species a bit neater and cleaner so it wasn’t too gruesome.)

But yeah, it would still have been a bit weird.


Checkov’s pregnancy?

The story was very simple, probably too simple for a long episode. It wasn’t really about the alien, which is why it has no detail beyond being an unstoppable threat until the Doctor figures out a smart solution.

They could’ve gone with an engine malfunction, or a life support failure or being dragged towards a star/black hole etc. instead they chose a cute alien that causes damage.

The show was really about the family dynamics. That’s the theme for the series I think?