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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


As long as he emulates it well I’m fine with that.


He was so preoccupied with whether or not he could become the Doctor Who showrunner that he didn’t stop to think if he should.


Random thought: do you think they’ll ever explain how the Doctor fell to earth safely at the start of this series? Or is it simply what it appears to be: one of those “I’ll explain later” moments that will never be referred to again.


I’m thinking they probably won’t. It probably falls into that rather vague concept of being rather indestructible during the regeneration process they started with Tennant and his missing hand. They did show later that was ongoing with the little wisps of yellow energy she exhaled.


According to The Mirror, this year’s Christmas ep will be on New Year’s Day:

Possibly the only episode in 2019?

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Wouldn’t that make it a New Years Day episode?

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Yes, which is why The Mirror went for a sensationalist “Doctor Who Christmas Episode Scrapped” headline.


Interesting. It’s been rumoured for a while that it would miss the Christmas slot this year.

Ironic given that Moffat supposedly only stayed on for last year’s Christmas special to make sure that it didn’t lose that spot.

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They’ve done enough Christmas specials.

I want Doctor Who Halloween specials.


I don’t understand why the BBC can’t support the show better, and how it can go so long without steady output. Can anyone provide any insight?


It sounds like a deliberate scheduling choice by the BBC. I can’t imagine they’ve missed the production deadline by 7 days. It all wrapped filming a long time back.


Yes, I meant ‘missed’ in the sense of them missing out on doing a Christmas episode this year. It’s obviously a deliberate scheduling choice - I didn’t mean that they were aiming for Christmas and missed it.

Although that does sound like something the Tardis would do. :slight_smile:


If it has no Christmas theme then you can imagine it is something decided on a long time back when working on the script. It could be Chibnall’s counter programming idea, which by the ratings has definitely worked with the shift to Sunday.

Maybe he was offered a slot against the big Coronation Street episode and said no thanks.

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I think it’s a dumb move to not do a Christmas episode. Run out of ideas is the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard.

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Did they blame Muslims? :confused:


That’s the Mail surely.


I’m fine without a Christmas episode, they were getting a bit crap.
Something new is no bad thing IMO.


I wonder whether the Christmas episodes were increasingly getting lost in the shuffle of Christmas TV.

In recent years, New Year’s Day has been when the BBC has premiered fairly prestigious shows like the new seasons of Sherlock, so it maybe shouldn’t be seen as necessarily a step down.

Although I’ll miss it as a Christmas day treat.

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The BBC are idiots when it comes to Who. Over fifty years and they still struggle to put it on at one specific time for a whole season. It deserves much more than the treatment it gets. 7 million viewers a week is fucking spectacular in anyone’s book. Fucking 2 million consistent viwership is worth consistency in programming for other shows. It’s been a constant slap in the face for anyone working on it and its viewers.


When they get millions of viewers a week regardless of moving the timeslot and when it airs in the year, it only proves they can get millions of viewers regardless of what they do with the show.