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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


Seems that way, doesn’t it? All the baddies have been left fairly open this series - maybe they’re all coming back for the finale. :slight_smile:



I wanted to post “That’s how you do it” but it just skipped the end and went on to the soap opera / next episode set up.


Fucking spiders.

That was the best in terms of banter, action, scariness this series. I continue to be impressed and surprised with how good Bradley Walsh has been.


Yeah, Walsh continues to be great.


It was a fun enough episode. The effects of the spiders was well done. But I was waiting for some kind of alien reveal that never came.

I could have done without the Trump stand in and name check though. And I continue to think that with the three companions, and the guest of the week. It doesn’t feel like we’re seeing a hell of a lot of the Doctor.

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(Worse than that, 95% of native English speakers don’t know the subjunctive even exists, so if I had written “…it were changed…” they would think I was illiterate. I deliberately choose not to use it for that reason.)

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Two things to note:

  1. The characterisation in this episode was superb, and the banter between the characters is some of the most “real” we’ve had between the Doctor and companions for years. I actually believe these are real people. (Unlike Clara Bloody Impossible Oswald and her ill-chosen boyfriend.)

  2. How the hell did they make me sympathetic to a spider? :open_mouth:

I really, really, really liked this one. Even if I had to watch most of it from behind the sofa.


I think you’re wrong there.

95% of native English speakers don’t know what a subjunctive even is!




Didn’t Tennant drown a load of alien spiders back in the day? The Doctor is being a hypocrite again. Or maybe holding herself to better standards?

Should a time lord be held responsible for actions of an earlier regeneration?


That was great family entertainment

A couple of times we paused it and had to ask our kids if they were sure they wanted to keep watching, along with a explanation of how it’s not real Etc etc

The first half was a lot better than the second half though, it went off a bit like a damp squib, but the soap elements were very good


“Good men don’t need rules. You might want to ask yourself why I have so MANY of them”

Each regeneration is different but the same; the idea of how the Doctor lives with decisions taken in past lives was probably best explored in the modern series with the War Doctor.


By Chibnall standards that was almost a masterpiece, by general standards, still nothing to shout about.

Noth’s character was a ham-fisted Trump parody (made weirder by then referencing Trump directly) for which Noth ultimately felt miscast. Noth is your ultimate slick, shady power-exec actor (see The Good Wife and the end of The Losers). He’s sort of doing that by default when he first appears and then he’s suddenly doing Trump-esque multiple firings and farce germophobia, which would require Noth to play massively against type, which he doesn’t really do, because I don’t think the script’s really clear on what it wants from him. The fact that him leaving Nadya and Yaz in the spider web filled room for “scheduled bathroom break” wasn’t a hollow plan to have them killed off by giant spiders, but just on the level was ridiculous.

The plot didn’t really hang together properly. As Dave said, there’s no real resolution - Noth shoots the main spider and… the others what? I think the Doctor said her plan was to leave them all to die “humanely” trapped in the panic room, but spiders have exceptional endurance and can survive almost dormant in adverse conditions for long periods of time. Which given all the spider facts thrown into the story to justify the B movie “giant spider” plot, feels like something that should have been addressed.

The Doctor’s dialogue is still a mash-up of sub-par Tennant and Smith lines, but some of the “banter” was ok this week. The whole thing felt about 10 minutes too long though.

I really hope next week’s is actually written by someone other than Chibnall. We’re four episodes into a 10(?) episode series and he’s written or co-written everything.


Wikipedia updated their list this week. It says Chibnall writes episode 5 too. Then there are 4 written by others and then he comes back for the finale.

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To be fair it’s Chibnall not Chibnsome. :wink:


I liked the episode, it was light and fun, even if the spiders did just go away when the plot needed them.
Not sure about Not Trump but he was fun once I worked out what the hell the actor was doing.
I was wondering why he was being so over the top, turns out he was dialling it back :open_mouth:

Once again I’m left stunned by Bradley Walsh. the scene in his house was heart breaking. I’m doing a Catherine Tate level of eating my words over how wrong I was here.
Good :smiley:

But I would like a episode with some more substance to it now.


I agree with everyone’s comments about Bradly Walsh. He’s fantastic. The complete heart of the show right now.

I’d still have hated him as The Doctor. …I think.


I just remembered that Capaldi got a Trump gag in, towards the end of his run, in the closing two-parter.


I enjoyed it, despite being massively creeped out by spiders.

I’ll join the banquet, but in my case it’s about my fear that Chibnall couldn’t handle the show; he clearly can.

This isn’t the best the show’s ever been or anything like that, but it IS genuinely Dr Who. It’s a scary scifi show with a moral message and some cool creatures with everything lead by a fun and talented actor as the Doctor, and supported by a solid cast of companions.

Of course I’m still wondering if it’ll hit a reef at some point, but right now I’ll tuck into the humble pie and be glad.


I’m still not convinced. He’s a child emulating things he’s seen adults do without fully understanding how or why they work.

Update on the ratings so far this series.
Overnight Consolidated
Episode 1 8.2m 10.54m
Episode 2 7.11m 8.67m
Episode 3 6.39m 8.09m
Episode 4 6.43m TBC