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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


Still, the new titles are nice.



Heh, going against the grain, I liked it FAR more than last week.

Yes, a lot of telegraphed coincidence and deus ex machina but it was well cast and moved fast enough, looked good and had much better dialogue than the first episode.

Whitaker was also more settled (IMO) than the intro story allowed her to be. She was The Doctor through and through.

So I’m sorry for everyone who felt it was lacking (and it certainly wasn’t perfect) but it was ‘Doctor Who’ and I’m glad it’s back. :slight_smile:





Yes, it is green;



Wow. Tough crowd. We really enjoyed it. Again. Whittaker’s a delight; she’s got a really infectious smile. The production value’s are awesome - looks like part of this episode was filmed in South Africa rather than a Welsh backlot. And, the companions are all growing on me. This isn’t going to win awards for the best TV show in the world. But, as a show I can sit back and enjoy the heck out of with the kids? Yes, please.



I don’t understand. That should be in the “good” column. Ask Chekov.



This isn’t the Star Trek thread.



Oh, thank God. I was beginning to wonder if I’d been hallucinating a good episode :smiley:



Yeah I thought that was a vast improvement over the first episode. It all worked for me this time.

Whittaker’s take on the doctor is an interesting one. Far more fallible and empathetic than previous versions have been during NuWho.



I quite enjoyed that episode, definitely preferring it to last week’s one. Finding it hard not to love this Doctor, even as I’m comparing how the episode would be different if Capaldi had been here instead (he definitely would not have jumped the crane last week). I thought that Jodie was struggling with the technobabble in episode one, but here I was fine with basically everything that she said.

Also, the show is looking great. It probably won’t be the best series of Who, but best-looking? I’ll believe that. I enjoyed the longer tracking shots on the ship at the start of the episode. It felt like something new that the show was trying, and it worked out for me. Just keep trying new things, please.

Funnily enough, I don’t think that the new theme is very good. It sounds incomplete to me.

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Sometimes a self-lighting weegar is just a self-lighting weegar.



Just getting caught up and saw episode one of the new series. It was thoroughly okay. No mean feat to introduce three new companions, plus an important would-have-been fourth, plus a new doctor, plus a villain, all in a new setting, so good job under the circumstances… but was I the only one hoping that irritating crane operator would get killed by the end?



After two episodes my fears about the quality of Chibnall’s writing seem to be coming true. The pacing is leaden and the dialogue dull. Four companions is clearly one too many as well. Jodie’s okay but I’m not entirely won over just yet.



So I’m in the good not great category here. I’m still liking Whittaker as The Doctor, her companions, and the show continues to look great. The guest characters this week are interesting at least, though what the show does with them is part of the issue.

So, I remember when The Power of the Three aired, which was Chibnall’s most recent Doctor Who outing prior to the new series, and my comment (and others as well) was that the episode puttered along being fun, and suddenly had a conclusion, which is kinda what happens here as well. The ending isn’t particularly earned, with Angstrom and Epzo suddenly being all friendly when seconds before they were still somewhat antagonistic. There are moments in the epside where they work together so it’s not out of the blue, but it needed a bit more connective tissue - like if they decided to cross the line together immediatly after they destroy the remnants, maybe?

The other side of this is that there’s a bit too much faffing about earlier on that could have been removed in favour of this connective tissue. Do we need a scene in which the Doctor discovers the planet was turned into a weapons mill? Do we need another hint towards some figure from her past or another portentous title to bestow upon her? The scene where Ryan tries to go all Call of Duty on the robots was fun, but it felt like a sketch rather than part of the episode.



This actually made me groan out loud. I was really hoping the overarching story for the series was going to be about The Doctor’s search for the TARDIS rather than more of this nonsense.



Given Tim Shaw’s race got a shout out - they killed Angstrom’s wife apparently - they could be some sort of big bad. I’m really looking forward to the return of toothfacemeltman.



I assume this is part of the series arc so probably needed in the long run, even if it gets in the way a bit here.

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In the rousing conclusion, the Doctor arms the population of Earth with takeaway salad.



Oh, one thing I meant to say, I love that the Doctor is supportive of her companions. She’s always saying when they’ve done well and reassuring them. It’s a nice touch and a good way to differentiate the character from Capaldi’s doctor needing cue cards for interpersonal exchanges.



I think three companions is too many. Can anyone name one useful thing Yaz did other than pull some technobable levers (that seemed to exist only so that she had something to do)?

Her only other contribution to the story was waiting for Ryan to climb down the ladder, which was a nice bit of character building but not exactly furthering the plot. Other than that I don’t think she had one line of necessary dialogue.

I’m not saying that Yaz needs to go, I’m saying that they don’t seem to be able to write for three companions, and it’s Yaz that’s suffering because of this.

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