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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


And she figures this out by putting her finger in her ear.

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Well, The Doctor is the ‘Oncoming Storm’ after all.



Some details about episode 3: it’s the long-rumoured Rosa Parks episode.



I’ll be watching that episode through my fingers, ready to cover my eyes, but not for the usual fear inducing reasons.



It does seem like the kind of thing that requires a very delicate touch to get right.

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Although the article shows the author is a woman of colour which I think helps in this case.

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I don’t there’s too much to worry about. Malorie Blackman’s a terrific writer.




Dr Who at this time on a Sunday night at this time of year is a fucking genius idea

I should never have doubted it

Opening credits and theme :ok_hand::heart_eyes:



Christ, that was a bit dull wasn’t it. Clunky script and the cast all seemed a bit subdued compared to episode one.

It still looks very nice though, and I love the new version of the theme tune and opening. Plus, the Tardis interior looks pretty cool.



Yeah, that started off badly and spent the rest of the time recovering from its bad start.

Something off about the Doc too, cant quite identify it but it didn’t feel right for much of the ep.

The finale with the TARDIS was excellent and I really like the new credits and theme.



Yep, that was definitely a bit boring. I started reading a book about 15 minutes in.

I don’t think we needed the two ship captains. I didn’t really care about their story. And a better villain would’ve helped. Although it looks like they’re trying to set something up there, with the “timeless child” stuff.

And I have to say I hate that you can see the sides of the police box in the new Tardis design. It just looks weird.

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It felt like the two captains and the story of the race were both being built up as much more. Like they were both going to have secrets revealed that would make us see them differently, or the race wasn’t going to be what it seemed. Something.

So when they suddenly went “we both won, bye!” it felt like a massive anti-climax.

It also felt like the reference back to the first episode’s villain was going to come to something more. I agree it lacked a sense of jeopardy in general.

“That water is deadly and will eat your flesh if you touch it!”

“Let’s make sure we’re never in a situation where that’s a risk then.”




Some news on episode 4: “Arachnids in the UK”.

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One to miss then.



That was moderately dull. Looked nice and ultimately killed an hour but I won’t be rushing to spend any more time rewatching it or thinking about it in any depth.



I thought that was marginally less terrible than less week’s (or maybe my expectations were duly aligned for it).


  • I really like the new title sequence.
  • The dialogue wasn’t quite as terrible as last week. Still not good, mind.


  • A self-lighting cigar? I wonder if that will come up later on?
  • The barge of tragic backstory. Especially as the woman (didn’t get their names, really) refused to reveal any of hers just moments earlier and changed her mind for no apparent reason.
  • More brand new mysterious backstory ominously hinted at for the Doctor, complete with a label chained up in leaden weights.
  • The Doctor’s still just knock-off Tennant. And, you know, two episodes in now, I don’t think Whittaker’s making it work. There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of depth to her performance. It’s all just breathless surface. Maybe that’s down to the scripts not giving her anything suitably heavy yet.
  • I don’t particularly like the new TARDIS interior. Like so much of this new Chibnall era, it feels needlessly nostalgic for previous things, in this case the RTD era console room. The little plastic light-up police box on the console is especially twee.
  • The “no guns” scene was pretty bad. I mean, Ryan running out there shooting COD-style was funny, but the Doctor’s anti-gun moral stance made no real sense when it’s against killer robots, which she incapacitates herself moments later with an explosion. And I don’t think Chibnall really knows what an EMP is and does given he thinks that it’ll “fry their circuits” but only delay them for five minutes. It’s just not thought out properly. Much like the Doctor’s limp rebuking of the self-help guy on the crane last week, for sweeping the leg of toothy-predator, it seems Chibnall wanted the moment and the issue without bothering to really set it up properly or be able to back it up. It’s empty posturing that makes the Doctor look like a bit of hypocrite, but not in an intentionally revealing manner.


We actually said that out loud as we watched it. :smile:

And she activates the cigar later on.

The Doctor’s stance of non-violence is always a bit awkward given that there’s so much evidence to the contrary. One of my favourite serials as a kid has McCoy gleefully blowing up Daleks with a bomb.

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Yeah, the Doctor’s always been a bit of hypocrite and that can easily be used for effect (Moffat tried it unsuccessfully with Danny Pink). I just don’t think it occurred to Chibnall that he’s got the Doctor chiding someone for using a gun against robots and then not long later burning seemingly sentient washclothes to death as if those are completely incomparable.



That was fairly mediocre

As a show to watch on a Sunday night with the kids it just about kept my interest, if I’d recorded it and watched on my own I would have been on my phone most of the time or fast forwarded through it

It doesn’t really feel like doctor who yet…little bit concerned now that the casting of Whittaker was a bad idea

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