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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


Luckily you have access to an archive of decades worth of awesome all-ages programmes.

Seriously, they could never make an all-ages programme again, and your daughter would still never run out of “new” things to watch. (If she hasn’t seen it before, it’s new even if it was made 50 years ago).

I would recommend Thunderbirds as a starting point :slight_smile:



Ok, so, to be more detailed (and anyone can skip this if they like);

I still think Chibnall is a very average scifi writer. This was very average scifi and very derivative too.

I don’t concern myself much with originality; everything has been done, many times before. However I AM concerned with delivery.

For my money, the Doctor’s amnesia has been done before and done better (Tennant’s first episode had lots of fun with it) and the Predator-esque (ripoff) Tim Shaw (a joke that almost worked, I don’t want to get too down on it but it did, almost, work) and even the disbelieving humans were not what they could’ve been if written by someone who writes scifi better.

Everyone in the cast was better than the material. Right now the new Doctor is not a person, to me, she’s an actress finding the bits she wants to use, and which they will write for her to use, in the future. I’ve seen her in better written roles (even ‘Attack the Block’ where she’s very much in support, was a better defined role) and I think she will find her feet and be pretty amazing in the long run.

But not yet. This wasn’t her being amazing. It was an experienced actress doing what she could with what she had.


I’m totally onboard with what Gar said. This was a family show. Tonally it was dark, but not too dark to scare off kids (different from scaring them) and simple enough (a tad too simple for me) for kids to get the idea and follow the plot without a crib sheet.

Parents, grandparents, school friends (grown up) and brothers trying to find lost sisters. All of that was well chosen.

I didn’t love it, there’s lots I didn’t even like, but it has potential.

My opinion for years is that Chibnall means well but hasn’t the ability to back it up. I still think that.

But I HOPE future episodes prove me wrong.



Is it on Netflix?



I doubt it, but the DVDs are cheaper than Netflix anyway.



The postage to Malaysia alone is more than 3 months Netflix subscription.

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Ok, fair point.



It looks like its on Amazon in some territories at least.

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Not proper Thunderbirds, but better than nothing :slight_smile:



Shoji Kawamori designed some vehicles for it, so better than almost everything.



Thunderbird are go is fantastic, really good stuff.



You also have a fair point but my argument was specifically ‘now’ and the reaction to Who now. It’s there in the post that there was plenty in the past.



I think family friendly is sometimes code for a bit shit but it’s excusable. Dr Who has always been family friendly and better quality. It feels like Chibnall is padding expectations by throwing out the family friendly line. When has Dr Who ever aimed for an adult audience?



The Eighth Doctor? That was the Fox TV movie.



I think Moffat pretty quickly abandoned all pretenses of being “family friendly”, after maybe his first season as show runner. I liked Smith, and loved Capaldi in the role, but the Byzantine plotting and thematically complex characterisation made the show all but impenetrable for the casual viewer. Which, I think is the critical component of a family friendly show. I think a return to the more simplistic A-B-C storytelling of the RTD era is long overdue.



I walked into the girl I’m dating’s house on Sunday and Thunderbird 1 was sitting on the table. It seems her 4 year old is obsessed with them. I have a feeling she said that he liked the original one best but I wasn’t really listening at that point, I was saying “FAB” and making spaceship sounds. I’ll find out more info about how he watches it if it is the original one.



While I have approved of the show aiming for a wider audience I think this may be a step too far.



“Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! What’s that Doctor???”
“Looks like a cold front moving in from the Atlantic, but not to worry lass, I’ll soon sonic that out of the way!”



Let me do a quick atmospherical analysis. Looks like there may be scattered showers in Wales and the West but a generally dry day in the Midlands and South East. Scotland and the North could experience high winds from the east which could hamper Dalek advances.