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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


I can attest that this bit played brilliantly if you were a seven-year-old girl waving a toy version of the new Sonic at the screen as you saw it being made. Big smiles during that bit.



Um, why are we assuming I’m not?



Only one way to be sure: quick, tell me what Fluttershy’s Cutie Mark looks like.



That wouldn’t necessarily mean I was young girl, it could mean I was a Brony.

I want to make it very clear that I am not a Brony.



Or even an adult male with no interest in My Little Pony but who still gets to hear about it all the time. :neutral_face:



You’re so lucky! Given you brought it up, do you want/need to tell us what Fluttershy’s Cutie Mark looks like, Dave?

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No it’s not ‘The 11th Hour’, not by a country mile. I don’t have a lot of positives from it to be honest, but I wont bog the thread down.

And we’ll see what next week brings.



I think it’s the Aerosmith logo. Or it should be.



Yeah. I watched it with my two kids as well (12 & 9). Neither of whom had the maturity to watch Smith or Capaldi’s runs. That added a huge level of sheer joy to the show. My boy’s been running around the house, in his gown, talking about his empty pockets since the show finished. It made quite an impact on the whole Singh household.



I agree with Martin that the script left a bit to be desired. There were some truely dire lines coming out of people’s mouths at times.

But I enjoyed the plot and the story structure. It felt old-school, with the long introduction of the cannon foddersupporting cast and the monster before the Doctor even appeared on screen, and the the story was exiting and the resolution dramatic without revolving around random technobable.

I need to watch another episode before I have a proper opinion on the Doctor – currently a bit too generic, I thought. But the supporting cast was fine, with Bradley Walsh being the stand-out character for me. The crane operator bloke was great too, not companion material but a good one-off victim.

It was far too obvious too early on that the gran was going to die, though. Basically because of the advance publicity, as much as I’ve tried to avoid trailers and stuff like that.



I enjoyed it, not fantastic but not the horror Torchwood was.

My wife made a point of watching it after giving up on Who a few years ago, and she liked it a lot.

As a Yorkshireman, I like the fact we’ve upgraded from Scottish to Yorkshire :smile:



I felt like I spent some time with The Doctor (mostly) and as per usual that’s all I care about.



Lots of planets have a Yorkshire.



Pretty much agree with most people here. The episode was too long for the content, the ending was telegraphed, and the whole thing with Tim Shaw coming to earth to hunt a random human and take a tooth from his corpse felt a bit too goofy for everything else in the episode.

But - the new look and feel is great. I hope they keep that sort of lighting and the camera moving more and the ethereal music and sound design, because it’s not even that the show looks a bit more prestige (that’s partially because they’re using anamorphic lenses now), it makes the show a whole new thing, which is fitting.

Whittaker was great, of course, and the companions made good impressions. I like that they all know each other to some degree, it means that we can have the Doctor introducing herself to them as a group over the next few weeks.

Also, I’m wondering if the whole series might be a quest to find the TARDIS. Like those couple of series of Red Dwarf, only hopefully not shit?



A quest series in general would be great. I would also like to see a reverse to Three at some stage where The Doctor is barred from present day Earth.



I wondered that too. It’s been seen in a few promo pics and filming photos but it’s possible that it could still be absent for a lot of the time.

(And Red Dwarf VI - the first series with the lost ship - was fine. Series VII was pretty poor though, and if anything it got worse after they found the ship again in VIII.)



Yes, but if I’d clarified that it wouldn’t have been as funny



Oh, and you can tell that Ryan’s Youtube screen was faked because that none of the recommended videos were barely disguised Nazi propaganda



Oh, and also also: The double meaning of Ryan’s vlog in the teaser, and the title of the episode being The Woman Who Fell to Earth? I’m going back and forth between them being just the right level of clever, being far too smug for the level of cleverness on display, or an as-yet undetermined third comedic option.



I really enjoyed, yes the plot was rather thin but they usually are with introductory episodes where a lot of work has to go into establishing the characters, it’s not that dissimilar to Rose or The Eleventh Hour in that respect. I already like all 3 companions although Yas was probably the least developed they’ll have time.

I kind of expected that Walsh would do a Catherine Tate or Billy Piper, everyone up in arms because they know him from other stuff but is a proper actor and can do the job.

It did feel a return to the first RTD series in some ways, the kids were glued to it all the way through and grasped it with a minimum of questions which I often couldn’t say for Moffat’s run. On the other hand Chibnall clearly doesn’t have his ability with comedy writing, some clunky one-liners in there. I agree with James though the drunken kebab bit was great realism at play.