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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


You can choose ‘watch from beginning’ while it’s still on.





I’m confused.



Lots of interviews and promotion floating around at the moment, but this is a pretty good one.

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Blimey, Graham Hancock is still going.




We’re watching Capaldi’s regeneration into Whittaker as part of our build-up to tonight’s episode. Such a great scene.



The episode was too long and a bit of a mess, but Whitaker was very good. I’m still on board.

I did not expect Chris Noth in that “Actors this season” trailer. I guess Chibnall has the Law & Order connection.

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I thought it was OK, Whittaker was good and I like the new TARDIS crew more than I expected. It wasn’t a barnstorming debut like Smith though.

Oh, and I really like the new version of the theme tune.



Also, the death was a bit obvious and predictable given that only three of the four companions had been heavily publicised in advance. :smile:


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Yeah I liked it. It definitely feels different. The production value is noticebly better. And the writing feels like its taking itself a bit more seriously.

Whittaker was really good. I think she’ll really shine when they get off earth, and she can get a bit more into the role. Love the new theme.

The coming soon bit at the end was a bit odd though. I’d rather see some action. And not just a bunch of random actors looking all serious.



Really enjoyed it :+1:t3:



This was apparent right from the off - the whole show has the look of a high-profile drama now, which it only intermittently managed in the past.



It did exactly what it needed to do.

I had thought Sharon D Clarke had been trailed as recurring, so her death still caught me a bit off-guard (she’s such a great actress, and was ace in this)

Not perfect, and Chibnall’ll have to tighten up plot a bit I think … but for a season opener, that doesn’t matter as much.

The Eleventh Hour remains my favourite of the stories establishing their new Doctors, but this firmly establishes Whitaker AS the Doctor, as much as any version before her. And there’s great potential in the companion cast.

Fingers crossed we get good-Chibnall.



I enjoyed that. Little bit too long but I felt the cast was great.

Liking all the companions and I felt the writing was a step up from the usual Dr Who fare; they did a bit of work on the companions which made them feel real and rounded out. I thought Ryan was a superb character and it was a really likeable performance.

Whittaker was really likeable, although not quite as a new incarnation of the Doctor. But I think that will come, I’m always like this at first. I don’t like the outfit, I feel it’s a contrived message of diversity, a bit too desperate. Let the diverse cast and the characters speak for the show, what do you want, a fucking medal for it? It’s like the cunts in big corporations who do charity work then get themselves plastered all over newsletters and social media. You lose points for looking for credit.

That aside, it looked great the plot wasn’t up to much but the drama made up for that. I watched it with my 4 year old son which was a massive bonus as I feel I’m handing the baton.

The old school theme tune rounded it off perfectly, can’t wait for next week.



Couple other points - there was one or two bery effective emotional moments which elevate the show a bit.
However I hated the scene where Bradley Walsh character talks about cancer. I’m terrified of cancer and mostly go out my way to avoid entertainment that uses it. I feel it’s a cheap way of wringing emotion along with rape and child abuse. Just a personal thing. I also feel it’s setting us up for more on the subject later, as he’s still in remission. I hope not.

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I was actually quite impressed with Walsh in this. He did really well with the funeral scene.



Jeez, that script was so flat you could serve it on Shrove Tuesday. Just abysmally poor, obvious dialogue all over all the place and leaving Whittaker struggling to not seem like she’s doing a knock-off Tennant or Smith.

You could have powered a small country for a year on the amount of sighing and eye-rolling I did through some of that episode. The “I’ll check social media”, “I’ll ask bus drivers”’ bit. The metal work montage. Literally nothing in it was a surprise and nothing had any sort of emotional weight.

I’m not normally a VFX snob, but I actually had to check I was watching in HD at one point, because the effects on the drop pod and tentacly thing early on looked quite low res.

On the plus side… Chris Noth is coming up?



Three things:

It has taken him some years, but Chibnell has finally atoned for the horror of that Torchwood episode, the one of which we do not speak.

Ryan’s dyspraxic. This actually meant more to me than I realised when they casually dropped it. That a disability I have gets a mention in a show with the profile of Doctor Who is damn cool. What’s cooler is they also showed what it is and what it does quite subtly. It’s not that Ryan can’t ride a bike, it’s that’ll be harder for him to pull it off and that slip on the ladder, the drop of the torch later on? That would have been recognised by a good few dyspraxics.

Which leads on to that, in representational terms, this episode was damn smart. The usual suspects will hate it for those reasons, for the rest of us it won’t be a problem but a positive.