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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"



I’m a bit nervy about the new Who under Chibnall, but I quite enjoyed reading what he had to say there about moving the slot to a Sunday (not something I was in favour of, although I’ve come round to watching it live with our 4 year old, just before Strictly starts as opposed to bleary eyed 5 or 6am Sunday morning whenever one of the kids has woke me up).

I quite like hearing the motivation behind moving it, it’s quite unusual to get that level of transparency or at least an explanation. It all makes sense.



BBC Worldwide are an utterly stupid company sometimes.

The Season 12 blu-ray set was advertised as having “limited edition packaging” in the UK. It had a print run of 16,000 copies, which massively underestimated demand (this didn’t happen in the US and Australia). The set sold out almost immediately, with stock even being removed from high street store shelves to honour online orders.

BBC WW has now decided that, in the face of this unexpected (to them) demand, “limited edition packaging” now meant “limited edition” broadly and they’re not going to do another print run (as confirmed by the customer relations team and through Restoration Team members). Because… money is bad? I mean, I get that not every company can afford to keep all their products in print all the time, but they sold 16,000 copies of a premium set in a matter of weeks, there’s still high demand for it and they’re hoping to sell at least 20 more of the things to the same customer base over the next few years. To completely rule out making any more copies, even in different packaging, is nonsensical.



Yeah, I heard about that. Sounds like a crazy move. Who is going to try and put together a set of these Blu-Rays when each release is only available for a window of a couple of weeks?



Worldwide is usually described as the business savvy arm of the BBC… :thinking:



The schedule for October 7 is up on, and the premiere is on at 6:45PM:

Hopefully it will at least be consistent this year.

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That’s not bad timing. Glad it isn’t any later than that, for kids with school the next day. :slight_smile:




Have we heard the new version yet?

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No, I think Chibnall has indicated that we won’t hear it “in situ” until episode two (so maybe episode one will close with it or something).

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Found this in one of the articles about the new theme though:



Fuck sake, the kid’s bedtime is bang smack in the middle of it.

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New bedtime then?

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Nah, can’t push it any earlier. Later isn’t an option either as I don’t want her gooning about the place when I’m trying the watch the telly.



Frankly Bruce, you should have considered this before you had children.



I had exactly the same bedtime problem during the second Smith series - I watched most of that with a tired baby on my shoulder.



One abbreviation: DVR.



You could make it the wife’s problem while you watch the show.

Problem solved! :wink: :smiley:


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That sounds very promising.

Only a week and a half to go now!

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