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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


That looks ace. Really looking forward to this.

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No multipart arc, no returning monsters.

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The temptation to throw a Dalek story in there, for “legitimacy”, must have been hard to overcome.

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There has been a rumour/fan theory for a while that the BBC have to use the Daleks at least once a year for contractual reasons (even if it’s only a cameo), as part of the rights agreement with the estate of Terry Nation relating to the Daleks.

It has actually held true that we have seen the Daleks every year since the show returned - but that doesn’t necessarily prove the theory.

So it will be interesting to see if they turn up in this series.

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They could easily slap in a cameo if they just need the appearance, saying that I think it’s probably guff, how do they explain the 16 years it was off the air? Also if it’s a calendar year I think, although there may have been a brief clip, the exceeded that during the Tennant ‘specials’ year in 2009.



The theory goes that the deal was struck for 2005’s Dalek, so only runs from then onwards.

There was a Dalek cameo in Waters Of Mars during the Tennant ‘specials’ year.

Similarly, during season six (which doesn’t feature a Dalek story) there’s a cameo of a Dalek in the final story of the season.

And even when the show went a whole year without any episodes during Capaldi’s run (in 2016), we had the short film introducing Bill that featured the Daleks.

It may well be bollocks, but it’s interesting how the facts keep conforming to fit it.



Yeah, Smith’s firs series was the one where they weren’t going to have any old enemies, right? Obviously it made great set-up for the Pandorica stuff, but there were plenty of Daleks towards the end.

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Smith’s first series always had a Dalek story planned (I know as it’s in Russell T Davies’ book that Moffat asks permission to use them before he’s finished scripting the finale) , series 6 is the second one.

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Yes, Smith’s first series (series 5, with the Pandorica) was the one with the multicoloured let’s-never-speak-of-this-again Power Ranger Daleks in Victory Of The Daleks.

Series 6 was Dalek-lite.



Canonically killed off in the Doctor Who Experience!



Oh, I didn’t see that version - must have only been in the Eleventh Doctor story (I only saw the Twelfth).



Oh yeah! I’d actually wiped that entire story from my memory. Wow.



I did the 11 and 12 versions (12 was better). Slightly ashamed to say, the plot of the Dalek section in the 11 version went completely past me, I was too busy marvelling at the props and the look of terror on some of the faces of the kids in the group. But yeah, they’re wiped out by the proper Daleks and then the same set was reused for 12 version, but the Daleks made to look decayed, IIRC.

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Yeah, the rusty broken Daleks were great (and gave my daughter a good scare!).

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Interesting reference to ‘season one’.

We can expect the publicity to ramp up a bit from Monday onwards - the press launch event for the new series is on the 24th.

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There’s a high chance that was paraphrased, I’m not sure if she’s a ‘season’ person, she seems much like a ‘series’ person to me :joy:

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Some Chibnall comments on the move to Sundays, from the new Doctor Who Magazine:



That’s a lot of words to pre-emptively say that overnight ratings don’t matter any more (they do), that live TV is irrelevant for drama (it isn’t - the Bodyguard just proved that) and yet still not actually say why they’ve moved from Saturday.



Yeah, I read it as him getting his excuses in early. :slight_smile:

He seems to acknowledge that there is still a fair amount of emphasis on overnight figures, I think he’s just trying to get out ahead of all the predictable “Doctor Who ratings slump” news stories with the (equally predictable) “the way we watch TV is changing” counter-argument.

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