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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


U2 iPod



Is that a thing? I remember them pushing that one album down to everyone’s iTunes, regardless of whether they wanted it or not.

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During the boom years of the iPod, there was special U2 design model, with all(?) their music on it. Which I imagine isn’t much of a draw if you’re already a fan of the band and likely to have all their albums.

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Sunday is not great for me, what I’ve been doing in recent years is generally recording it on a Saturday and watching it on a Sunday morning.

Sunday night my wife will be watching Strictly and she doesn’t watch Dr Who so I’ll be watching when I get round to it.

Only thing is hoping is that it’s aired just before Strictyl and I can maybe watch it live if the kids will sit and watch it too.



Presumably it’s either going to be on 7, displacing Countryfile, or dumped in the 5:30/5:45pm slot that currently houses repeats of Pointless Celebrities and Shop Well For Less.



There will be trouble if I have to give up my Pointless Celebrities repeats :angry:



You mean like the one that’s not even on this week?

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Ok, I’ll come clean, I never really watch it :blush:

Mainly, I just love the idea that they called a programme Pointless Celebrities and still managed to get people to appear on it :smiley:

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Wait, that’s a real show?



Yeah. It’s Pointless. But with Celebrities.

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That describes about 80% of all TV

(most of the remaining 20% being pointless, but with “real” people)

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That’s probably out of the CD spec. It wouldn’t be able to be played on all CD players, just newer ones that can decode mp3.

But they’d still charge you per album, so it would be heinously expensive for inferior quality.

And at the point in history when mp3 came out, everyone was just ripping their CDs or Napstering back catalogs. We’re also nearly at a point in time when most people are streaming tv, too, so the market on complete tv series is collapsing anyway.

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… Interesting musical choice.

I like the (slightly heavy-handed) metaphor though. Took me a second to get it. :slight_smile:



Yeah, exactly, Tatort.

Heh. That Derrick parody is pretty spot on!



Can you give me a clue? Becaue several seconds later I still can’t get it :frowning:

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She’s smashing through a glass ceiling.



I thought that she was just wrecking the Strictly set. :slightly_frowning_face:



A couple of recent news bits.



I think that’s exactly how it should be. If the Doctor can be any gender, then his/her adventures should be truly “gender blind”. They should be highlighting: look, there’s no difference!



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