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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


A glimpse of the new TARDIS interior.


Interesting how the entire TARDIS cuboid now forms the entranceway, not just the front door.

And a shot through the doors on set:


Not crazy about it honestly but will have to see how it looks once the whole thing is revealed.


A bit of information on the new companions:


Was there a sale on? Three for two?


If one of them is Bradley Walsh, it’s not much of an offer.



I don’t get it.


That’s Christopher Eccelston and Matt Smith locking hands.


That’s actually Ecceleston? I didn’t recognize him at all. I thought it was someone else and they were making fun of him for some reason I wasn’t getting.


He does look very different, but yeah. His hair is grey and he’s got more of it than he did when playing The Doctor, but look at the nose and the set of the chin.


LFCC had this weekend:
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Paul McGann
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Peter Capaldi
David Bradley
and some companions and other Who stars. I’m not generally fussed about celeb autographs and photoshoots, but I’m reading that and thinking “man, I should have gone.”


I’d have been worried about the Blinovich Limitation Effect with that lineup.


Just reverse the polarity of the neutron flow and they’ll be fine.


For the kids.




More TARDIS set leakage:

Worth noting this is without lights, effects etc. that may change the look of the final version quite a bit.

Interesting that it’s maintaining the crystal theme.


Oh I kind of like that. There’s a fun steampunk feel to the console and it definitely feels like crystals are going to be a big part of this seasons lot. It’s certainly a departure from the last couple control rooms but still feels like a bit of a nice throwback to the original control room of NuWho.


I need to see it lit up.

I think it’s bold and that’s tricky to get onboard with, it’s not what I was expecting at all.

But, I think it has the potential to be magical, and DW hasn’t really embraced the magic recently. not as much as it might’ve done at times, so that could really bring something special to the next season.


Yeah, it’s definitely a change - it reminds me a bit of the ‘coral’ style interior from Eccleston and Tennant’s TARDISes.

From that shot the central area looks a bit claustrophobic compared to the series’ more recent looks, but it might feel different in the show.

A fan photoshop (based on some leaked descriptions) made it look like this.

But yeah, looking forward to the official reveal to be able to get a proper look.


I dunno about that…

It’s like I’m expecting a unicorn to walk through it.