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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


Looks like the leaked pictures upthread from a few weeks ago were on the money. (That batch showed the Doctor in goggles, apparently having just made the sonic herself.)

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Are we sure those are crystals and not Infinity Stones?

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One Screwdriver To Rule Them All
One Screwdriver To Find Them
One Screwdriver To Bring Them All
And To The Daleks Bind Them!



Confirmation of a couple of details.

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And from that last story, an interesting comment about how the series is being written.

Following reports that the new Doctor Who would be crafted in a writers’ room set-up, Chibnall confirmed that the writing of the 10 episodes was “a big group endeavour” with “a lot of new writers to the show” working “in a very collaborative way”, in a blend between “the British way of working and the American way”.

So it sounds like a more “writers’ room” approach, but a bit more led by individual writers’ ideas.

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Lots of planets have a Yorkshire :wink:



Oh, and crystals?


Been there, done that :stuck_out_tongue:



The Doctor has been around for over a thousand years. There’s nothing she hasn’t done at least once before.



Last night BBC America showed the Lost Adventure. It was a Tom Baker adventure spliced with animation. It was very good and ended with a scene of present day Tom Baker. It was followed by The Day of the Doctor. I think Matt Smith and David Tennant should do something together. They seemed to work very well together. they showed the trailer several times. The voiceover kept reminding me of Mister Rogers. "won’t you be `my neighbor my new best friends?


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Weirdest regeneration yet.



Whittaker is so likeable, I think she’s going to be great fun.

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How is Doctor Who so big? This is just insane.

“We have our first female Doctor Who”


“I think it’s about time”



(That was John Cena being interviewed there, in case you didn’t recognise him.)

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I was just in my local Escape Hunt this past weekend as it happens. It was the first one I ever did and it was a fun experience.

This could be amazingly good fun. I hope they make it family-friendly.



I was rather hoping for a lot of sex and nudity.



Especially Dalek sex and nudity.



Ha, I should have explained that more. I was thinking about the format rather than the content.

The standard format (shared by the one I went to at the weekend) is that you are locked in a small room and can’t leave until you solve the puzzles, or the hour time limit runs out. If they keep it that strict then it might be a bit intense and/or impractical for young kids.



This sounds awesome:

Derek Jacobi headlines in one of his most evil roles to date in Big Finish Productions The War Master Saga.

Sir Derek Jacobi is reprising his role as the Master, the evil Time Lord from the Doctor Who universe, in an on-going four series spectacular from Big Finish Productions.

After appearing originally in just one television episode of Doctor Who: Utopia back in 2007 alongside David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman, in a few fleeting minutes Derek Jacobi’s incarnation of the Doctor’s arch nemesis made an unforgettable impression on viewers.

Big Finish were delighted to bring Derek Jacobi back as the Master for a set of four adventures last year in the critically acclaimed The War Master: Only the Good, and are now overjoyed to confirm that he’ll return for another three series. The second series, The War Master: The Master of Callous sees the Master in a brand new four-part adventure, furthering his exploits in the Time War.

… The War Master: The Master of Callous kicks off the next set of adventures in December 2018. Series three, The War Master: Rage of the Time Lords will follow in July 2019 written by Tim Foley and David Llewellyn, and series four, The War Master: Anti-Genesis written by Nicholas Briggs and Alan Barnes will complete the saga in December 2019.