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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


Isn’t it always?


Someone will order a pizza…

Only realising too late they are the menu for the pizza, not the other way around.

Cue many pissed off parents unable to feed their now terrified kids pizza.

Years ago, Doctor Who started a terror of wheelie bins, this time it’s pizza.


I’m a bit confused… what did she do to first companion in the diner? She replenished the pizza for the second one, and switched out a newspaper for what looks like a children’s magazine.


That’s the Beano!

The Doctor has form in this area.

(In fact, that’s the same issue isn’t it?)


Yes, the Beano Summer Special 1981 is actually the Rani, in disguise, it’s canon now.


She dipped the sausage in the fried egg (arguably the best bit about a fry up).


Oooh you’d be annoyed though if the Doctor used her power over all of space and time to bugger about with your fry-up.


No way, it’s clearly the Master’s TARDIS from Terror of the Autons, which he’s finally gotten access to again.

It’s basically the same as that short story where he keeps altering a librarian’s personal history to make them nicer, so he can borrow a book.


Thr one Moffat went back and edited into starring Michael Gambon?


I mean, it’s not quite on a par with throttling your companion, but that’s clearly the direction they’re going for this Doctor.


Had a quick flick through the Radio Times this morning - they have quite a few pages dedicated to the show but no new images as far as I could see, just the ones posted here and a few shots from the trailer. Will be interesting to see what the next stage of reveals is at SDCC.



Looks good. The quality of the filmmaking has certainly grown with time.


I’m liking the look of that.


Yeah, that looks great. I agree with Rory, it looks like another step up in terms of production values for the show. Seems like they’ve done quite a bit on location this time.


New poster too:

Not getting the crystals thing, it’s a bit in the trailer too. I wonder if it’s going to have something to do with the season overarching plot? Or did someone just think they looked nice?


Could be.

I love all the colour. It looks really vibrant.


They’ve gone for a very different look on the sonic screwdriver; handmade not machined;


Yorkshire accent
Doctor Who

My 11 year old self, living in deepest, darkest, South Yorkshire, in a timey wimey twist is having a complete nerdgasm right now.

Just saying.


Interesting, the sonic screwdriver has a crystal at the tip. So maybe the crystals in the advertising are plot related.