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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


That trailer needed a shot of the Action Man toy tank in Robot.



The Tom quotes are presumably from the big interview he did with Matthew Sweet for the new Blu-Ray, which is out today. Anyone picked it up?

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So is that reading between the lines?




I have to admit I don’t know enough about the context of all this to read anything deeper into it, I just thought the contradiction was amusing.

My interpretation is that both of them are just Tom Baker being a bit… mercurial. :slight_smile:

(And you can read between the lines on that if you like.)

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He always was.

He’s also a bit 84 years old now.



Yeah. He’s still got that twinkle though.



He’s still unique. There are lots of distinctive actors, but he’s very distinctive.

I saw him in Soho last year, in a tweed suit, moving faster than most people, despite a limp and using a walking stick.



It’s quite an old story. That anecdote comes in in his marathon interview with DWM a few years ago.



I love Tom Baker but he’s probably only behind Brian Blessed as being the least reliable narrator of reality in the acting business. Firstly he’s always been nuts and now he’s 84 years old and nuts. :smile:

I very much doubt that a lot of the complete 4th Doctor fanboys in that production snubbed him. If there is anything to it they may have been intimidated (of the recent Doctors, Smith was the one that was most removed from Who fandom, Tennant was always a viewer and Capaldi a complete Who geek who sent in letters and drawings).



It’s a character they’ll be identified with for life, whatever else they do.

I saw Smith come into a little restaurant in Hampstead (Giraffe) and he was acting like a cartoon spy, with his collar turned up and glancing this way and that. He asked if he could have a quiet corner table for him and his friends, and only when he was told yes, did he go and get them to join him.

And then a little boy recognised him and wanted to get an autograph. Smith was great though, chatting to him for a few minutes before getting back to his friends.

Fandom is tricky, but even Ecclestone seems to handle it well, judging by the Youtube videos of him being very nice to fans.



This story makes that theory highly unlikely:



Speaking of Tom Baker, I’ve always thought he would have been great as Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films. He has a great, authoritative voice and a mischievous glint in his eyes that would have been perfect for the old wizard.



Smith is absolutely brilliant with the fans, I’ve seen him on panels with kids and he answers them in character as the Doctor. He probably plays it better than the others.

I was more looking at the aspect of what they went in with. In some part due to his age (the show was off the air for nearly all the time he was growing up) he went in with a lot more of a blank slate than the others and wasn’t an existing fan, even if he is now. He would probably have seen Baker as just another actor on set rather than a hero of his youth.



Possibly, although I imagine that being part of the phenomenon you become aware of the milestones. Baker is one of them, possibly because he’s still around, but he was as identified as ‘The Doctor’ as any actor ever was.

And Moffat probably impressed on everyone what his cameo meant.

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Capaldi does the same, I’ve seen some lovely clips of him answering questions from crowds of kids in-character and playing around with them.



Some help needed folks.

I want to rewatch classic Dr Who, starting from Spearhead from Space. (I tried to rewatch the 1st and 2nd Doctor stuff about 10 years ago and I couldn’t get thru an episode without falling asleep, took me months.

So I’m starting from the 3rd Doctor.

I don’t really want to buy DVDs because I don’t have the space and it limits my viewing options.

Any ideas where I can stream this stuff?

I’m willing to pay for it since it’s not on iPlayer, Netflix or amazon.



There’s a selection for sale digitally on Amazon. For Pertwee there’s Spearhead from Space, The Three Doctors, Carnival of Monsters, and The Green Death.

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Don’t bother with The Three Doctors, though, you’ll just sleep through 2/3rds of it :expressionless:



Thanks Lorcan - I couldn’t see them on amazon when I looked, I’ll try this

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It’s listed as the 50th anniversary collection, if that helps

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