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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


I really liked it, but I think I’m in a minority (well, obviously, as it was cancelled :smiley: ). It was flawed, but it was still entertaining, and they made me genuinely care about the characters in a very short period of time.


I thought class had some interesting characters and good potential - I think being tied to Dr who got it an audience but held back the storytelling.

There have been worse Dr Who episodes.

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at the drop of a hat


Barrow-Wight has a Dalek in his dining room.


So we know when the first trailer will air (even if it’s on a dodgy phone camera).

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SDCC isn’t until 19-22 July, which may be a bit late. There are rumours that the BBC will show the first trailer after or during England’s first World Cup game this Monday, the 19th June.

Which would make sense in terms of getting a big audience for the trailer, and fits with their last big reveal trailer (of Bill, during Match Of The Day in 2016).

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Fair enough but they’ll likely get some more at SDCC if past history is any indicator.


I wish they’d use British cons to debut stuff like that instead of American ones. London Film & Comic Con is in July (and even has Eccleston as a guest), do it there.


Apparently they’ve been filming some stuff in Spain for the new series, and this photo is from the end-of-shoot party.


Big Finish is having a clearout sale, including some DW stuff.

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Just been reminded of this news item from 2014.

When it was announced, I assumed it was a sequel to Planet of Fire (which was filmed in Lanzarote), but reading it today, I don’t remember there being any episode in that series (8) which was a sequel to anything. Hermione Norris was in Kill The Moon. The “scene of an old adventure” was literally just the moon. Every episode set in London could be promoted like that!


Unless they were referring to Coal Hill? That became a regular location again in series 8. Although it had reappeared in Day Of The Doctor before that.


Yeah, and there weren’t really any sinister changes at the school itself (unless you count Danny Pink’s existence).


So… there’s been a scene leaked from what is clearly the first episode of Series 11. I won’t post it here but it’s easy to find with a quick Google.

It’s not much to go, but the performance looks suitability Doctor-y.

There have also been a couple of pics leaked from another scene, with some funky goggles and what looks like the new sonic screwdriver.

A shame this got out from under the BBC after fairly tight secrecy so far.

Unless it’s a deliberate leak, which is possible. The footage doesn’t give much away, and seems specifically designed to be an early teaser clip.


I couldn’t find the clip. :disappointed_relieved: But I did find this.

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Sounds like he’ll be an excellent addition to the show:


This report may help.


That looks pretty darn good actually.


Yeah, that looks like typical post regeneration episode footage. That’ll do nicely.