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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"


That looks… very 80s.

Which is weird because DW ran all tjrough the 80s.



Not sure why (or even how) they would cut it to 90 minutes. It’s six episodes, so even after you take out the credits and repeated bits you’ve still got at least two hours of story.


There’s been an omnibus cut of Genesis hanging around for decades. I think it was originally done for broadcast around Christmas in the mid-70s and I think it’s going to be on the blu-ray.


I do remember they ran some stories as movie-length specials in the 70s (the only one I can definitely remember seeing was Robots of Death, but I may have seen Genesis too, and possibly a couple of Pertwee stories), but I didn’t realise they were shortened versions.


Six-parters (like Genesis of the Daleks) would be around two-and-a-half hours long if they weren’t cut for the omnibus versions.


When I did my rewatch though a couple of years back it did surprise me how short most of the Tom Baker episodes are. Cut out the credits and the recap bit at the start and they are around 20 mins.

It’s too far back for me to remember why, normally a BBC show would be about 28 minutes to fit in the continuity bits inbetween but for a few years Doctor Who must have been in a 25 minute slot and not a half hour.

(It’s still way longer than 90 mins either way but just musing on something I noticed).


I think the old episodes were always in a 25-minute slot.

So yes, more like 22-23 minutes meaning a six-parter would be about two hours without all the recaps and credits etc.


I never hated anything on TV more as a kid than those bloody Seaside Specials!


Bonus points for the Frank Bellamy illustration.


That’s an impressively anoraky level of research :smiley:


Or two minutes on a Google image search. :slight_smile:

(The BBC Genome project makes this kind of stuff very easy now.)


Anyway, talking of Genesis Of The Daleks I’ve been rewatching it over the past couple of nights with the kids. It’s been fun to see them laughing at the slightly dodgy effects one minute but then be genuinely struck by Davros or the Daleks the next. Nice to know these old shows still work.

It is a bit flabby though, and falls victim to that forced-cliffhanger flaw that often affected the longer stories. Is it heresy to suggest that the edited-down omnibus could be the better version?


Not for me, for all the strengths of that 70s era the biggest weakness (I don’t care about the ropey effects much) is that forced cliffhanger element, a lot of getting captured, escaping, getting captured again for the end of the next episode.


I don’t either, and for the kids I think it is a bit of a defence mechanism to reinforce in their minds the divide between fantasy and reality. They were the same when we watched Jurassic Park recently (where I think the effects still really hold up!).


I watched many with the kids, along with the 21st century ones with very much enhanced effects. They’ve never commented on it, just enjoy the story.


It’s interesting. Mine are really interested in how the effects are made, and what they’re actually watching. It’s not something that’s been particularly driven by me either.

I think it comes from watching a fair bit of fantasy and them wanting to know how they can be seeing photo-realistic stuff that they know can’t really exist. We end up talking about it quite a lot when we watch. Like I say I think it partly stems from them wanting to be clear on what’s real and what isn’t.

Going to the Doctor Who Experience was quite good in that respect as it was a chance for them to see in person how some of the practical effects work.


I actually get that more, with the super realistic CGI stuff they sometimes ask if it is real or a story. With some dodgy cardboard box based robot on 70s Doctor Who, not so much. :smile:


Oh yeah, they’re not confused about the effects in 70s DW, they know a cardboard box when they see one. They were laughing about it really.

But it’s amusing that, despite that, it can still shit them up a bit. :slight_smile:


Paper cuts are no joke. :disappointed_relieved: