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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing New Year's Special "Resolution"



It’s 10 years since David Tennant was cast as the Doctor.



That has put a big smile on my face.



It’s made me feel old :wink:

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I know how you feel.

I passed up an invitation to a Doctor Who crew party (second or third series I think) because it coincided with my wedding. I’m still happily married, although my wife is well aware that I did have a plan that would have got me there on time if I was jilted at the altar.

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Sony Really Wanted To Make That Doctor Who Movie

Remember those rumors of a big-budget Doctor Who movie? The one that was going to be directed by David Yates? Well, in the recently release batch of hacked Sony emails, it appears that Sony was pushing hard for this movie — and only Steven Moffat and the other Doctor Who producers stood in their way.

Doctor Who TV found the relevant portion of the emails on Wikileaks:

The plans for Doctor Who were put in an email sent in January [2014] from Andrea Wong, president of International Production for Sony, to the company’s chief executive Michael Lynton.

The email says: "[Danny Cohen, the Director of BBC Television] said that while there has been remendous interest (and pressure from [BBC Worldwide]) to do a Dr Who film, the show runners feel very clear that they don’t want to do one at this moment.

"That said, over the course of the coming months, the show running team is coming up with an 8 year timeline for the brand – laying out all that will happen with it.

"He says that a film will certainly be a part of that timeline. So the answer is that a film won’t happen in the next year to 18 months, but it is expected that it will happen after that within the 8 year horizon.

'Lynton’s response was: “Sounds like we need to meet with the show runners.”

A follow up email from Wong reads: "Spoke to Danny and he doesn’t think it makes sense right now and actually might hurt our cause.

“He said that the creative team on the show have been having the movie conversation with BBC Worldwide in recent weeks and are very hot under the collar that their position on it is not being listened to or accepted.”

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I hope we get another big DW film at some point.



The Independent has a different spin on the same story which includes this part of the letter omitted from Rory’s I09 story.

“That said, over the course of the coming months, the show running team is coming up with an 8 year timeline for the brand – laying out all that will happen with it. He says that a film will certainly be a part of that timeline.”

So it looks like it will, just not that soon.



I always assumed that the Day of the Doctor and Deep Breath cinema showings were part of test marketing for a movie…or was I being cynical?

I should add that Day of the Doctor was one the most fund nights I have ever spent in a cinema and one of the best uses of 3D I have ever seen. If they want to give us something like that, I have no objections.

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That’s included in the article I posted, Gar. It’s the fifth paragraph from the bottom.



Yes fair point. It was presented in a different order and emphasis so I missed it.

I think there are mainly two articles selling the same content from different perspectives. One is that an opportunity was missed and another with ‘it will definitely happen’.

Glass half full or empty territory. :smile:



Apparently the whole Doctor having the same face as another character from the series thing (hinted at briefly in Deep Breath and forgotten about) is going to be picked up in the new series.



Just watched ‘Dalek’, having not seen it in years. I’ve never been a massive fan of Eccleston but he’s pretty great in this, and the story is fantastic - such a simple premise but one that works brilliantly, and has some powerful moments. It really stands up.



Paul Cornell is writing a Four Doctors summer event for Titan comics. Including the War Doctor.

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It’s going to have the War Doctor in it…I’m so there. I was already there. Paul Cornell is writing Doctor Who for crying out loud. But I’m there even more so now.



Yeah, I’m quite tempted to pick that up.



A preview for the upcoming Paul Cornell/Neil Edwards Four Doctors comic

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Anyone going to that official Festival in November? I got an email about it yesterday, saying tickets were on sale today. Not heard anything about it before, seems a bit short notice.

Mind you, I won’t be going anyway, as the tickets start at £68 for a basic, adult one day pass, which seems excessively steep.



Rigsy from Flatline will be back for an episode in S9:

Looking at the episode list, it’s odd that they seem to be going completely the other way on two-parters. After only one in S8 (the finale), and none in S7, it looks like there’ll be five next season:

Possibly to save money by getting to re-use sets, etc?



Regarding 2 parters, Moffet said something like he wanted people to not know when the story is done… course that means not reading up on the episodes, innit