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Doctor Strange trailer is here!


I like Scott Derrickson and am looking forward to this one!

Thoughts, gang?



Looking pretty good. I love the weird, twisted visuals. That’s the element of this movie that I hope they really go to town with.


Good lord but that looks amazing. I would love to see some Ditkoesque weirdness in there but I’m…well I was interested before. Now I’m very, very interested.


Incredible. If you had told me 10 years ago we would be getting a Doctor Strange and a civil war movie in the same year I would of thought you to be mad.
What an amazing time for Fandom


I am so there for this one. Looks insanely well done.


I’m still skeptical, but Swinton looks great, as always.


I’m probably more excited for this than I’ve been for a Marvel studios film since Avengers.

Truth be told, I don’t expect it to be leaps and bounds better than the rest of their output, I just can’t fully believe that I’m finally seeing a Dr Strange movie.


Visuals are interesting, but I’m not amazed by Cumberbatch. Seems to be doing Hugh Laurie as House.


Yes, I’m up for that.

As others have said; I’m surprised it’s so ‘Inception’ but that’s a valid choice.


I’m looking forward to this more than anything else to be released in between now and then closely followed by Suicide Squad
I’ll go to see Civil War but strangely not with the same anticipation.



The training sequences seem lifted from ‘Batman Begins’, and even the music is Zimmer-esque, is Nolan secretly working for Marvel? :grinning:


Some cool other-dimensional effects there, but no clear idea of a storyline, or of an antagonist. Surprised to see Rachel McAdams; didn’t realize she was part of the cast.


I’m just happy that Benedict is playing Wong.



I thought those visuals were pretty good, better than Inception. Hopefully it’s just a tease and not the whole shebang, like Inception’s trailers.

Cumberbatch isn’t using an American accent is he? (I couldn’t tell if he was talking aside from the “teach me”) That would be an odd choice.


I think he is. I’m going to interested to hear how it goes down with Americans.


Yeah, it sounds a bit odd even to my non-American ears.


Americans never notice when British actors use American accents, unless it’s a regional one that everyone botches. I’m just a little surprised as there’s nothing inherently American about Strange, and it’s not even taking place in the U.S…why bother? Swinton is using her accent.


If the character was British, it would be Mister Strange.


Wouldn’t it also be Mister Who then?