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Doctor Strange The Movie!

What’s your predictions, peeps?

Opening weekend and overall global gross?


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I’d say opening of 30-40 million. It’s got Benedict Cumberbatch, who everybody and their sister was begging to play the role. That being said, it is a lesser known property.But look at Ant-Man, it had a pretty decent opening. It’s a tough property to figure out. I will be there opening weekend.

If anything, this may be the trip up:

Also opening on Nov. 4 is DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls via 20th Century Fox which also came on tracking hot with a projected $40M opening.

My guess: $55M Opening, $550 Global

I really don’t have a clue on this one.

So far, I think if the whole movie is origin story with a short dumb fight with some sort of Big Bad at the end (kaffmikkelson) it will not have any legs, despite effects wizardry. I am quite concerned about the story proper, as I feel another cookie-cutter origin story will negatively impact all super-flicks. And there are a couple that need to be made before the bubble pops, and one more film with fake meat would provide a needle.

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I’ve no idea, box office-wise. I’ll probably see it, but I’m not that excited.

I hope Rachel McAdams gets stuff to do in the movie, but my expectations for that aren’t very high.


I can’t wait! I hope it takes 2 watches to absorb everything. Is Dormammu supposed to be in it?

I think it’ll do slightly better than Ant-Man, with solid reviews.

Kids films always stagger. Troll will be out, in some cases quite a long time, in 30 countries before Dr Strange is released.

Aside from that I think Mark and pals showed quite well how you can do fine with a variety of films that don’t overlap audiences that hugely. On the Valentine release week Spongebob, 50 Shades and Kingsman all did great business.


I’ll take a punt on $50m opening weekend and $600m total, with a huge leg-up from China.