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Do you want to change your user name?


Just to be clear titles are never requested only given. So be careful what you ask for. :wink:



Oh wait. What now? I went from “Maltesers” to “Malfeasance”?

Well the jokes on you 'cause you probably saved my ass from having a couple of drinks (I get handsome and funny) and talking about those sweet chocolate balls (then try to add the word “salty”, then how many at one time, then annoyance and oblivion…).

I’ll look up what Malfeasance means tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday. Sunday is cleaning up after Friday (no comment), and Monday is court).
Pretty sure you missed the mark, though.


so I go ahead and ask politely and specifically, then even thank you then someone needs to go and pull a %^&* move and change it again. If someone has a problem with me, approach me directly and stop with the juvenile passive aggression ^*&%^


Fixed. I’m sure no-one has a problem with you Don, just someone having some fun.

No more fucking with Don’s username please. Thank you.


I’ve been waiting to be fucked with for years. However, messing with my username would also be enjoyable.


…If original and not something I was called in P5.

Title is top notch though, good work… Mr O’Hare the old forum moderator! *Velma pulls off ghoul’s mask to reveal Jim.


9 years old is peak comedy skills Parker. Anyway, hope you like the change.


Hahahaha, yep, that’s much more like it.


Don, you asked to have the “c” removed so as a joke I changed it to “roket.” It was intended as a joke, not to show that I have a problem with you, same as when I initially changed your username to “rocket.”


Thank you then for Rocket. Sorry if I came off as a bit harsh. yesterday I was not having a good morning so it tripped a wire, so to speak, and set me off.


No worries.