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Do you want to change your user name?


I showed that to Mrs. Jones. Her comment was - “That’s so like you. I’m going to get you a Blue cap and waistcoat”.

Thanks a bunch Gar. :grimacing:


Can I have the _ in my name removed so I’m just KalmanL? Otherwise, I can’t sign in on my phone.






Surely in the interests of our current elections for World Ruler, Todd’s name should revert to this incredible moniker, or we should at least see his birth certificate to make sure he was born on Earth.


What’s amazing is my real name is Tinybean Butterbutt.


I always knew either the Butterworks or the Butterbutts would somehow end up ruling the humanity with an iron first!


From the Bree Butterbutts? Had a cousin that married into that family.


If possible (your convenience) I could go with:


Secondary name/title could be Solicitations & Martinis
but you decide if that’s in poor taste (S&M after all…)


IF you are taking requests, could I lose the capital c and go back to just rocket. Thank You




I would like to go back to Todd.


How did Tubbs even come about? Was it part of a joke on some distant thread?


Thank you.


You’ll always be Todd to me, Tubbs.


See here:


I found that hilarious when I finally came across the answer after seeing the new names for a while.

And thank you! (To be read in the voice of Maui from the end of “You’re Welcome,” because I can’t escape Disney music these days, and now neither can you.)


Now your board description joke doesn’t make sense Tony, someone will have to think of a new one.


thank you


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