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Do you want to change your user name?


That’s some good fancy titling, there, @JLJL


No, no, I just wanted to clarify a bit. A very clumsy and idiotic attempt from me.

And thanks for the change.


Can I get my name changed to RichardPowell ?



Is it possible to have “I never said BATMAN!” in the area everyone has “fancy titles”?


… apparently not :smiley:


Is it possible for me to be right about Predator?


Not without a major change to your opinion!!!


I think you already know the answer to that question.


It was worth a shot.


No, but I’m sure it can be changed to “Definitely Wrong about Predator”.


I’m sure that Predator hides in your lawn. Gators too, probably.


Can mine say “Danny Glover Lover”?


You guys are the best!


For the record my title is completely accurate! :wink:


I don’t quite understand. Do you want your user name changed to smalldaddy or bigmomma?




I had no idea what “Jones the Steam” meant, and finally cracked and Googled it.

Who knew that there was something called Ivor the Engine? (I don’t have kids) The picture of Jones the Steam is like looking in a mirror though :wink:




I think that was Gar’s concession in The War of the Jones. :wink: