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Do you want to change your user name?


It’s one of these, only instead of mugs you can hang your spare beards on it:


Bumping this in case any of our new users are interested. Sometimes its easier to converse with a more friendly name than RKJ876502#


How DARE you mock my great grandfather, RKJ876502# Gross!


We all know he was a dirtbag. Don’t try to defend him now. :wink:


Bumped for new members.

It’s a lot easier to address and remember a real sounding name than ‘201015’ or ‘CMHBT4’. :wink:


I’d like my username to be changed into AdrianoBarone (yes, my real name).
Thanks! :sunglasses:


Done Adriano :smile:




Can I be updated to MarcHulet, please and thank you.


Sure thing Marc.


Can @TMasters’s name be changed to Drongo_McLawyerGuy please?


That user name is already taken I’m afraid.


I thought it was supposed to be AustralianCajunMutant?


Gar, can you change my name to Drongolawyergambitlover?




Can my UN be changed to Ryan_King, please?


Done. :wink:



Can you please change my username to Erik_Bitmanis?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, may change my username to -milstar-?


You can’t have dashes in your username. Just letters, numbers, and underscores.


How do I get a fancy title under my user name?