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Do you want to change your user name?


I know a few people have said they were unsure when they were signing up which of the two names you have to enter would appear as your forum ID. If that’s the case and you want anything changed just ask here.

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I would like a space instead of an underscore.


Sorry Mark, that’s one I can’t do as the system won’t allow spaces. :flushed:

The best I could manage is MarkHall


For some reason I am imagining you singing the thread title to the tune of ‘do you want to build a snowman?’ Gareth, and this is making me giggle.


It’s going to be my Christmas single.


I was going to post the same thing (and I haven’t even seen that film).


Nice to see the Facist mods are starting early. Attica! Attica!

Kick Ass Fan art

One forum I signed up to years ago didn’t allow spaces in a user name, so I signed up as David_Meadows. This got me referred to as “Dash”, and it became a running gag that I would have to say IT’S NOT A DASH IT’S AN UNDERSCORE (ANGRY SMILEY).

Anyway, they eventually changed the forum software and spaces were allowed, so the underscore went. And they still called me “Dash”. Which baffles new users, who invariably ask “Why do you call him Dash?”, leading me to go through the long explanation and them finding out the reason isn’t as interesting as they had imagined, leaving us all wishing I hadn’t bothered.

Kind of like with this anecdote.



Could I get Mike_Cooper (like it is now but capitalised), please?


The “Treebeard” is fine, I’ve been called that by people in the know since college. But can we lose the “Grandpa”? Thx.


Do you not love us anymore? Why won’t you be our Grandpa? :wink:


It has been a great disappointment to me that our grandpa has disowned us. I’ll get over it though, in a decade or so.


I’m now singing, “do you want to be my grandpa?” to the tune of Do You Want to Build a Snowman in my head. I guess since Miqque turned us down, this is the part where we say, “OK, bye.” :sob:


Do you wanna be our grampa?
C’mon and write a post!
I want at least a hundred paragraphs,
And then we’ll have some laughs
With the smileys you like the most…

You used to be called Treebeard
but now you’re not -
I wish you could tell us whhhhyyyyy…

Do you wanna be our grampa?
(It doesn’t have to be our grampa)

Ok bye…



I blame it on the drugs.


You should tag @Miqque in that to make sure he sees it. :wink:


Oh, I see it! WTF might a Beardtree be? That makes no connections! Found myself feeling a bit creeped by “Grandpa”, as it’s a bit painful each time I realize I have no offspring. I do have some claim to Uncle, as my brother-from-a-different-mother and I have a little sis. Just found the Grandpa a bit over the line,

I appreciate all the caring shown, and would be proud to be any of your Grandpas!


Thanks, Miqque. I’d claim you as my granddad. I apologize if we rubbed a sore spot. I understand to some extent. With the hand Sheena and I have been dealt, we’ll walk a similar path. We still have a good life but sometimes the reminders of what we’re missing stings. I honestly think most the guys here have a soft spot for their Uncle Miqque. :wink:


Ah, I’m sorry if the good-natured ribbing touched a sore spot Miqque. Thoughtless of me. As Ronnie says, it comes from a good place.